Broomwood Voice

17th June 2002 - Public Meeting Minutes

Paul Huxley called the meeting open at 6.40 p.m. There were approximately 25 people in attendance. Paul apologised for the short notice in calling this meeting, and also for not having had time to have a committee meeting since the last community meeting.
Julie Warburton, seconded by Tina Huxley agreed the minutes of the last meeting as correct.


Sunny Hayes gave a presentation on the Health Survey Report that was carried out on the Broomwood Estate. She distributed copies of the Summary of the Report to everyone at the meeting. (If anyone hasn't got a copy that would like one please ask me and I will photocopy mine for them.) Sunny also invited anyone who is interested to attend the next Health Steering Group meeting at the Youth Centre on Wednesday week (26/5) at 6.30 p.m.

The Health Project Group money will be used to target areas which were highlighted in the survey as affecting the well-being of people on the Broomwood, eg. Mental health issues, healthy eating projects.

Ralph Rudden from the Community Association on the Sale West Estate spoke about how their community had benefited from the Health Survey carried out there. One group with which he is involved is a dance group for children age 5 - 13. It meets twice weekly, and involves 22 children. Money from the bid was used to set the group up and some has been put aside to subsidise poor families whose children would like to participate (there have been none to date). The dance group will perform at community events, such as Christmas concerts - in this way they will be putting something back into the community. Twelve different groups were funded altogether, with varying degrees of success. He warned that you need to think before setting a group up. One group that was set up was a Mother and Toddler Group, but has only had 2 people there in the last 4 weeks - there is already a group running at the local primary school. The most successful project that has been set up is with children from the youth group, who are producing a package on eating disorders. This project has grown in size and other people are interested in it.

The meetings on the Broomwood Estate to make bids for funding will now take place in September, not July as in the minutes of the last meeting. Some existing groups could apply for funding as well, eg Over 50's club, School Bingo. David Nunns advised people to turn up to these meetings even if they did not have a specific idea which needed funding, as they could always get involved in other groups if they were interested.

The £10,000 to fund these bids (up to £1000 per bid) is coming out of an allocation of £58,000 for the Estate. I asked Sunny Hayes if we could have a breakdown of where the rest of the money was spent so we have a record of this. She said this was being done at the Health Steering Group and would be available to us then. She said that some of the money had gone on the survey and payments for the interviewers.

Sonia Cubrillo - Sonia introduced Jeanette Pilkington to us. She will be looking after the Broomwood Estate and will be working on an Action Plan with other agencies to improve the Broomwood Estate.


We have not had time to have a steering group meeting since the last meeting, we will have one before the next meeting.


Woods - the fence is partially done and should be finished soon. The 5-year regeneration plan is almost ready, and Paul is chasing other funding for the future.

Bus Service - the new bus timetable is in operation, with bigger buses and running later into the evening. It was asked if the 298/299 could come onto the estate at night, to enable people to travel into Timperley. Sonia Cubrillo explained that the bus coming into the lay-by as it does at present was a compromise, as Arriva did not want their drivers coming onto the estate at night for health and safety reasons. She suggested that we wait until Autumn and we could then arrange another meeting with GMPTE to see if they would now be willing to extend the service further. It is a matter of building up confidence so that the drivers feel it is safe to come onto the estate.

Environmental Warden - He has now been appointed and is undergoing training. He cannot commence work on the estate until he has been cleared by a police check and there is a hold up in processing these at present. His name is Graham Stringer. He will initially be patrolling in the daytime, and could possibly be based in the Redbrook Road Housing Office. Sonia said she hoped he would be able to attend the next meeting.

Police - The police were unable to attend this meeting, but hope to be at the next one. There is an increased profile on the estate at present.

Summersplash - There is £3000 funding for this scheme, which is described as a "Youth Nuisance and Crime Prevention Initiative". The funds will provide the following:

· Sporting Activities in the afternoon each weekday in the summer holidays on the Youth Centre field

· It will also fund 2 outward-bound trips for approximately 35/40 young people.

This provoked quite strong reactions from some residents who felt that it was as if the badly behaved young people were going to be 'rewarded' for bad behaviour whilst the 'good children' would be getting nothing. Sonia did agree that there should be some sort of balance when choosing who should go but how this was to be done was left unaddressed.

The Youth Centre will be providing some activities for the 13+ age group.

Sonia reported that a newsletter would be going out with information on what is available on the estate over the summer period. Tina requested that it be sent out Mid July, just before the children break up for the summer.

Tina asked when work would commence on the youth club roof. Sonia said it has had to go back to tender as the tenders were too high, and it probably would not start until September.

SCOUT HUT - Sonia said that a regeneration options are being put together at present as to what to do with the scout hut and old parkland. The community will be involved in this consultation, nothing has been decided as yet.

BUNGALOWS - Nick Mardon said that consent had been given for the bungalows with individual parking, and that no extra parking was in the plans. It will cost a lot to take away the pavement and IVHA have not got the money. They are only bound to provide parking for new properties, not existing ones, so do not have to make provision for the shopkeepers or flat residents.

Paul Huxley raised the point that the planning notice only went up on 24/5 for the bungalows, giving 3 weeks to raise objections, yet we have been told on previous occasions that permission had already been granted. We have raised verbal objections at previous meetings that could have been taken further if we knew that planning consent had not been granted yet. We are looking for consultation to sort this out as we feel we have been misled on this issue. We were told that we would probably be unable to object now as the 3-week period has passed. A petition has been raised and sent to the planning department, Sonia will check on this and report back. She also said that at the next planning meeting proposals for the land at the back of the shops would be put forward, and that this could include some parking facility. She said IVHA could discuss these proposals at our next meeting.

Fairywell Bridge - Trafford have agreed that this bridge is their responsibility and are going to send someone to inspect it.

Wheelie Bins - These will not be being replaced with the old metal industrial bins. Jeanette said that it was for health and safety reasons as the pavements from the chute to the road were uneven, and that the chutes were some distance from the road. The old bins were also very heavy. The point was raised that the bins were pushed this distance and emptied before the wheelie bin system was introduced.

Community Notice Board - Paul Huxley will apply to the Area Board for funding. Sonia Cubrillo said that we would be required to maintain the board ourselves. Nick has agreed that we could situate it at the shops. We need to decide what kind of board we need, and where it is best situated.

New play area - there has been a legal hold-up which has hopefully been resolved and the work should be able to commence shortly, once tenders have been sent for and received back.

Dreamscheme - £7000 funding has been obtained for this scheme. Ralph from Sale West talked about the scheme that runs on Sale West, he said you need to get the next generation involved in the community, and to reward them for the effort they put into the community.

Paul said that in the Broomwood Scheme they hope to achieve 2000 voluntary hours in the first year. These hours would build up points for each child, with one hour equating to about £1. It would cost £20 (or 20 hours work) for canoeing/rock climbing/abseiling for example.

Initially volunteers would run the scheme, but in the 5-year plan they are looking for funding to employ daytime and evening workers. We need to get a base on the estate and establish ourselves. Paul asked residents who had an idea of projects the young people could get involved in to speak to him.


Paul gave thanks to Nick, Sunny, Jeanette, Sonia, Ralph and David for attending the meeting.

The date of the next meeting was set for Monday July15th. There will be a steering group meeting on Monday 1st July at 7.30 at Paul and Tina's house.

The meeting was closed at 8.00 p.m.