Broomwood Voice

25th November 2002 - Public Meeting Minutes

Paul Huxley called the meeting open at 6.35

The meeting started with ITEM TWO on the Agenda, which was the presentation of PCT Award Certificates, and then photographs were taken of the recipients of the awards. The presentations were made by Richard Sinclair and Vincent Walsh. Paul then thanked everyone for attending the meeting, This is to be the last meeting until the New Year.


Apologies were made on behalf of Ingrid Gaskell and Colin Barson.

At this point Paul introduced Vincent Walsh, who is the new Community Development Worker. He will be based at the Youth Centre and can be contacted on 980 0696 (answer phone available). He will be working with the community, and assisting the groups who had won financial awards from the PCT. A total of £10,000 was awarded to 11 groups:
· Christmas Dinner for pensioners - Joe Statham
· Broomwood Spotlights (for drama opportunities for young people)
· PTA - for healthy cooking classes for parents - Sharon Gleave
· Paul Huxley - for a Website and printed directory of groups and activities in the community
· Debbie Hancock - for the expansion of the toddler group
· Dreamscheme - for sport and recreation activities for young people
· Over 50's club - for café bar - Kath Warrington
· Gym - coaching and fitness training for young men at the youth centre
· Bingo - expansion and improvement of community bingo - Julie Warburton
· Blaze - dance and drama workshop
· Broomwood girls - self defence, aerobics, aromatherapy at the youth centre.


Kath Warrington, seconded by Joe Statham, agreed the minutes as a correct record.


Booze busters has now closed, and there is nowhere for residents to purchase electricity. The Post Office does not sell it. A resident has approached Spar and the assistant is going to mention it to the manager when he is next in. Paul asked Vincent Walsh if he could pursue this issue on behalf of the residents.

The Grass verge on Redbrook Road - Joe Statham has requested that when the council come to look at this could he be invited to meet them, Paul to arrange this.

Fruit and Vegetables - a van does come round selling potatoes and vegetables, but is considered by residents to be expensive.

The bill for room hire - Sharon Gleave confirmed that she has paid an invoice for room hire; she will get together with Janette to sort this issue out.

The woods/Brooks Drive - Lindsey Howard is off sick, she will look at this issue when she returns to work - Paul to put this on the next agenda.


Contrary to what we have been led to believe, it has now been reported that planning has still not been sorted out. There is a problem with Section 106, between the legal dept of the council and IVHA. Veta Gordon was here to represent IVHA, in the absence of Ingrid, but only had limited information available to her. Janette said that TMBC were unaware that planning had not been sorted, which is why we were told the park would be started by now. It has not yet gone to tender. Janette stated that the paperwork was due to go back to IVHA and assuming they had no problem with the amendments then it could go to tender soon. A resident who is new to the estate reported that he had gone to the park with his children, and saw blatant drug dealing, and will not let his children play there now as it is dangerous. The general feeling was that we had been misled all along, and that we now need to take action as it has dragged on for long enough. The question was raised as to how come the new park on Aimson Road had been completed so quickly, yet ours was dragging on for years. Ray Bowker explained that it was because our park was linked to a whole package of developments. It was felt that we should request that a legal officer from the council attend the next meeting to bring us up to date. It was asked whether the park was being delayed until the council had decided what to do with the old park area - Janette said this was not the case.

Ray Bowker asked Janette to speak to Sonia Cubrillo, to request a meeting between the legal department, IVHA, and local councillors, within 7 days. The Association requested that they could have a couple of representatives from the steering group at this meeting, and it was agreed that this could happen. Janette to contact Paul with the date of this meeting. It was felt by residents that if things were still not progressing then we should consider contacting the media for publicity.


The minutes of the last meeting had not yet been sent out, as it had been a busy time with a lot of meetings.


Dave Cooper phoned Paul and said he is still trying to sort this issue out. One problem is that there are financial restrictions. He has taken into account the comments made at the last meeting. The Brewery have been contacted, they are not willing to sell the pub but are prepared to sell the land behind it. Paul will set up a meeting with Dave and those residents who expressed an interest at the last meeting so that this issue is not left until our next meeting in the New Year.


Phil Weatherby spoke about this meeting. The council are to crack down on Rent Arrears, Unruly youths and problem neighbours.

Shure Maintenance have been awarded the Gas Maintenance Contract.


Dave Nunns reported on this. At present they are looking for funding for publicity. They are going to set meeting dates for the next 6 months meetings, and these dates will be issued to the Community Association for our information.


Janette Pilkington was asked if there was any progress on the Scout Hut, she replied that this is still with the Executive.

Ray Bowker asked if there was a room at the Youth Centre that we could use for meetings, as we have to pay for the hire of the schoolroom and for the caretaker to open and lock up the building - this will be looked into.

Joe Statham spoke about the OAP Christmas Dinner, which is being held on 15 December. There are 50 places, on a first come first served basis. There is going to be a Turkey dinner, bingo, and a christingle/carol service. Vincent Walsh has asked Ring and Ride to send some application forms for people to request transport. It costs 45p per person, and there is wheelchair access. We will need to provide helpers to assist people with wheelchairs on and off the bus.

The meeting was closed at 7.55 p.m.

The date of the next meeting will be advised.