Broomwood Voice

5th July 2002 - Public Meeting Minutes

Paul Huxley called the meeting open at 6.40 p.m. There were approximately 40 people in attendance. Paul thanked everyone for attending. Sharon Gleave, seconded by Kath Warrington agreed the minutes of the last meeting as correct.


Woods - the archway has gone away for alteration. There have been 3 fires in the woods in the last 3 weeks. The question was raised as to why the woods cannot be locked up at night to stop this vandalism. The response was that the woods cannot be locked up as they are open public land.

Bus service - there is no bus stop sign in the lay-by on Aimson Road yet, we need to contact Arriva to request one so that people know that this service is available.

Fairywell Bridge - Jeanette Pilkington is going to chase this up to see what progress has been made.

Bungalows - Alan Bailey from Irwell Valley Housing Association said the planning permission had been approved. This will be discussed later.

Wheely Bins - there was a discussion about the Health and Safety issues concerning the old metal bins. The point was raised that this had not been an issue in the previous 30 years when the old bins were in use. Jeanette said it is Trafford Policy, she will contact them again but it is extremely unlikely that the situation will change. Trafford have been to look at the bin areas for the flats and did not see any problems with overflowing bins etc when they inspected them.

Notice Board - an application by B.C.A has gone into the Area Board for funding for a Community notice board, the next meeting is in September.


Cathy Grimsley and Graham Stringer spoke about the role of the environmental warden. They deal with environmental issues, such as graffiti and fly-tipping. The estate will be patrolled from 8.30 to 4.30. They will pick up small items which have been dumped and will contact the council to collect larger items which they find. They will have a base somewhere on the estate where residents will be able to contact them. Questions were asked about why the estate is not being patrolled at night which is when vandalism and other problems occur. It was explained that the warden is here to deal with environmental issues, and not anti-social behaviour. The question was also raised as to whether we are actually gaining anything as the services that the warden will be providing are ones that the council should be providing anyway.
Paul Huxley welcomed Graham, wished him well in his new role and pledged our support.


Mandy Hughes spoke about the Children's Fund, which is a Government initiative funding activities for children age 5 - 13.
Extra activities are being provided in the summer holidays. Those children at risk of being drawn into youth nuisance are being targeted as the fund was specifically to reduce this problem during the summer holidays but the events themselves will also be open to all other children on the Estate.
Under 5's are not catered for by the Children's Fund, and those over 13 are catered for by Connexions.
The scheme will be monitored and evaluated by the Government.

It was felt by some residents that if the badly behaved children were getting activities then would the good children misbehave so that they could go on trips too. The view was expressed that the parents of the children who misbehave should be approached and made to take responsibility for the behaviour of their children, rather than rewarding them with trips. The question was also asked about why the activities were being held in the daytime - how would this stop the anti-social behaviour at night?

Dave Nunns spoke about a similar scheme which had been held in Sefton last year, and it had had positive results in the community. Children who were on the edge of turning to crime had been turned around. He suggested that we should wait until after the scheme has finished and we could then assess how successful it had been.

Mark Burrows from the Youth Centre spoke about his plans for the centre. He has been based in Wythenshawe for 6 years. He wants to create learning opportunities for young people, with arts based projects, music, photography, trips and residentials. The centre caters for young people age 13 - 19, and will complement Connexions activities.


Judy Noah gave a presentation about the project, based on notes which were distributed. Paul Conway then spoke about the plans for the area behind the shops, and distributed a copy of the proposals for this area. There are proposals for a health surgery, housing and a road by the side of the pub. The proposed surgery will be a two-storey building with parking. This parking will be for the surgery, one space per resident for the housing, and 8 spaces for other parking. There will also be parking spaces on Briarfield Rd and Merefield Rd. Paul was asked if there would be a CCTV camera, he replied that the NHS had been given extra security funding, no meeting had been held yet to discuss this but CCTV would be considered.


Paul Huxley passed around a 'G-Force' proposal for the Scout Hut to be used for the Community, and asked for local support and help with petitions in support. Residents said they wanted the area open to the community and not built on. The general opinion was that the community should be involved in proper consultation reference this area from the beginning, not just given a list of options at the end. Grant McKenzie asked if the Association could be sent a map of the areas of land on the estate that the council are looking at using, so that we could discuss the issues ourselves. Janette - please could you advise.


Debbie Gorman spoke about the Area Board meetings, and what had happened at the last meeting. They want to set up a Gas User Group for TMBC residents. They also want to set up a dedicated 'Repairs Group'. This will be a group of tenants who will be able to advise other residents how to carry out minor repairs themselves without needing to ask the council to carry out the work. The concept being, that of saving the money spent on very minor low skill jobs, and then being able to use those resources in a more efficient manner.


Dave Nunns spoke about this partnership, and also distributed notes about it. The Broomwood Estate has problems obtaining funding and services as we do not show up in statistics as an area of deprivation as we are enclosed in an affluent area. The Neighbourhood Partnership involves us working in partnership with other similar areas, communities to swap ideas, share good practises and work together in making our 'similar cases' heard at Council level. Other local groups could also be involved in this, e.g. Over 50's club. We agreed with the concept and voted to join the Neighbourhood Partnership.


There is £17000 allocated for the woods. It was put to the meeting if we as an Association wanted to know some of this could be allocated towards the Community minibus. It was generally accepted by the residents that this would be a good idea, but at this stage nobody was interested in forming a sub-committee to pursue this further. The matter would be looked into further at the next Partnership meeting.


The question was raised as to what is being done for the elderly on the estate. Funding seems to be focused on activities and facilities for young people. There is an over 50's club, but if you do not want to participate in this then there is nothing else available.

Local residents raised an issue about a nuisance neighbour on Redbrook Road. Sgt Ahmed asked those residents who were affected by this to talk to him at the end of the meeting. Debbie Gorman stated that TMBC are now taking more action against nuisance neighbours.


The date of the next meeting was set for Monday 9th September, and the Mgnt committee meeting will be held before that date on 2nd Sept at 5.30 at Paul & Tinas.