Broomwood Community Association Meeting
21st July 2003

In attendance

 17 residents

Alan Bailey - IVHA   Veta Gordon - IVHA    Marie Toboni - TMBC Housing Officer
Councillor J Brophy      Lindsey Howard - TMBC
            1.     Apologies
Sonia Cubrillo  Louise Williams  - Debbie Gorman  Dave Cooper  Ingrid Gaskell  Munaver Rasul  
Rae Gerrard  Graham Stringer  Annette  Mrs Daintree  Man from ATC  Sandra W

    2.     Minutes of last meeting

Agreed as correct by Cath W and seconded by Sharon G.

3.     Matters arising
a.      Encouraged people to get involved in Broomwood Health walk on 23rd July 2003
b.      Beech tree on Dee Avenue under review by TMBC after referral by Joe S.
c.      Damaged telephone covers on Dee Ave need addressing  Being pursued by Grant M
d.      Motorbike problems  Councillor J Brophy spoke about e-mail from PC Gerrard around this issue. 
       New law allowing confiscation of bikes should address this issue but is still to be brought in to operation. 
       Watch this space.
e.      Request received to advertise gym in newsletter.
f.       Mr & Mrs Leigh talked about her fall on the dangerous pavements around the pub area. 
        Marie Toboni to see if it is TMBC land and, if so, will highlight issue to dept concerned.
g.      Joe S highlighted problem around asbestos in his house and Marie T agreed to investigate.
h.      Lindsey Howard (TMBC) spoke about event in Broomwood woods over the summer.

    4.     Broomwood Partnership minutes

These were not available

    5.     Community Development Worker report

Vincent presented his report and it was well received. No issues arising

    6.     Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership no report

7.       State of certain gardens

Issues around scruffy gardens were discussed and the possibility of a tool bank but high insurance premiums mean this is not viable currently. Alan Bailey agreed to give attention to IVHA tenants gardens. 

    8.       Broomwood Public House
Concerns around Broomwood Pub were discussed and Ms Jo Goodyear (the landlady) spoke about her plans for the future and how things had changed for the better. She is also working through repairs at the pub.

 9.       Fire in Flat on Estate

With a fire in a flat recently on the Estate a question was asked about the turnaround of empty flats. Marie T assured us that on Broomwood this is done in about 7 days. This was recognised as being very quick.

10.  Benches from the bungalow development

benches currently held by IVHA no news

 11.   Poor paths and disabled access issues

Public footpaths and disabled Access around Windsor gardens path to Wythenshawe was raised again. Councillor Brophy agreed to investigate. It was requested that we invite a rep from highways to discuss around disabled.

    12.   Any other business

  Question  Are there any gates going on the new car park at the Youth Centre?
  Question  Can a dog bin be placed near the Redbrook Road office?
13.   Date of next meeting -  Monday 29th September 2003
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