Paul Huxley opened the meeting at 6.30 p.m.


In attendance: Ray Bowker, Jane Brophy, Ruth Speight, Paul Huxley, Tina Huxley, Sandra Wareing, Grant McKenzie, Joe Statham, Kath Warrington, B Fletcher, Hilary Hadcroft, Peta Stevens, Trish Allen (Sorry for any omissions, I think we missed asking some people to sign in)




Apologies were received from Dave Nunns, Veta Gordon, Rae Gerrard, Anne Bowker, Debbie Gorman, Munaver Rasul




These were approved as a correct record by K Warrington, seconded by J Statham




Fencing on rugby field – Ray Bowker reported back that 2 rails have gone across a gap in the fence which had been left for access. He is going to approach the groundsman to find out why this has happened, if this informal approach does not work then we will make an official approach to get action on this matter. It may be that Sale Sharks are just unaware that they should not block off the access to the field.


Broomwood Voice – it is anticipated that this will be ready for distribution this weekend, if anyone has any last minute items please let Paul know ASAP.


Benches from the bungalow development – no representatives from IVHA were here to report to us on this.  Paul will e-mail Ingrid Gaskell to ask her to update us.


Area Housing Panel – As Phil Weatherby has informed the BCA that he will not be feeding back to us from these meetings, we have informed Debbie Gorman that we have two new representatives who will attend these meetings on our behalf.  They are Sandra Wareing and Joe Statham. Sandra had been e-mailed a copy of the minutes of the last meeting  and read out the items which were relevant to the Broomwood. These were: Ryefield Close gardens being turned into a communal area under the Minor works scheme, and that it was considered important to retain the housing office on the Broomwood whilst providing new sites elsewhere.


Trafford in Bloom – the flowers have been planted on the corner of Greystoke Avenue and Aimson Road. The question was raised as to what else is being done on the estate to promote Trafford in Bloom. Vincent is looking into obtaining tools that residents can borrow to enable them to tidy up their gardens (spades, forks etc – nothing electrical)


Land at rear of shops – at the last Trafford Partnership meeting we asked why portakabins had appeared on the land that we wished to be used as a temporary car park. We were informed that this land was not suitable for car parking as cars would cross the pavement at Mainwood Road to get access to the road. We were also informed that the portakabins were part of the bungalow development and they had nowhere else to put them.  However, the portakabins are being used by Trafford Building Services to store the new doors that they are putting into houses on the estate, and the vans are crossing the pavement at Mainwood Road, which is dangerous to pedestrians as well as damaging the pavement.  Nobody from IVHA was at the meeting to answer this point.


Spar – it was noted that the shop sometimes closes early in the evening, which causes problems for residents who are unable to access other shops due to transport problems. They also don’t allow children in at night, which means parents can’t send their children on errands. As they know who was causing most of the problems they had in the past why are these young people not banned instead of banning all young people? It was also noted that no representatives from the shops attended the BCA meetings.


Electricity cards – we were informed that residents who use the cardboard card system had received letters telling them that they could no longer obtain their electricity from the post office as they were going to have the electric card machine installed. We have been told in the past that the post office would not have the machine, and we were working towards getting the hardware shop to install one. Trish Allen will bring us the relevant letter so that we can look into this.


Grass verges – Ray Bowker informed us that 9 sites were visited on their recent tour of the estate, sketches have been done and quotes are being obtained for each one. It depends how much money is available, and how much of that is allocated to the Broomwood, but hopefully some of them will be dealt with.


Gareth, the Police Community Support Worker, has now been signed off and can work independently. He is going to make an conscious effort to spend as much time on the estate as possible, and has asked us to draw up a list of hot spots that he can keep an eye on. There is still a problem with motorcyclists, and recently they have broken a fence at Fairywell Wood and wrecked the woods. The gates at Windsor Gardens are still not locked, this is one way motorbikes are gaining access. There was also a problem with noise from the pub recently when a party was held there.




These are not available, item taken forward to the next meeting.




This was covered briefly earlier in the meeting, there is no detailed feedback because we had no representative at that meeting.






Vincent presented his report, containing items on First Steps Parent and Toddler Group, Health Walkers, Broomwood Bikers (Cyclists), Community Café, Five a day fruit and veg scheme, Youth Centre Gym, Developments at Youth Centre, and the Festival Float. He reported a specific problem with access at Fairywell Woods, as they are not accessible to disabled or less agile people. However, if there is no fencing then motorbikes will be able to access it easily – they have just broken the fence down to gain access. The next walk is on 25 June, and Canon Sutton will be joining in as part of the walk goes through the churchyard and he will be talking about the history of the church.


With regards to the development at the youth centre, there appears to be a lack of landscaping of the area around the edge of the park. The residents in the houses facing the football pitch face a high fence, which is not a pleasant view. On the original plans there was shrubbery, but not on the amended set of plans. Also, no external fencing is being put up around the park. There is also a question over who will maintain the grassed area around the edge of the park/football pitch? The question was also raised as to why the youth centre closes for the last 2 weeks of the school holidays, which is when children need something to do. Also, who will man the football pitches during this shutdown?


Altrincham Festival Float – the Dreamscheme are having a float, and the BCA are having a stall at the festival field.


Vincent was asked about the fruit and veg scheme. A questionnaire is being drawn up on eating habits, and will be piloted on the Health Walkers and Over 50’s group, and possibly also on users of the medical centre. He will also talk to suppliers about cost and supply.




A petition has been submitted with over 200 signatures (thanks to Kath Warrington for her hard work with this), and young people were also encouraged to write letters of support. The planning committee meeting is on 26th July at Stretford Town Hall at 6.30 p.m. and we are able to speak at this about our objections. Paul Huxley is happy to attend, and will ask Mary Eastwood also. If anyone else is interested in attending please speak to Paul. Tony Fishwick will be attending this meeting. We probably will not get the development stopped as planning permission was granted years ago, but we can ask for a reduction in the number of properties, and raise the traffic concerns.




Paul Huxley reported that funding is available from the Community Fund and NOF Fund. It will be targeted the 6 priority areas, of which Broomwood is one. £800,000 will be available over the next 10 years. Voluntary groups will be able to apply for this funding, the criteria for applications and allocation of funds has not been decided yet.





There is a red copper beech tree on Greystoke Avenue (near Dee Avenue) which doesn’t look safe. Paul will report this to Lindsey Howard for her to look into.


Payment for rubbish removal – the free large item removal scheme has been replaced by a scheme where you have to pay for removal. It is felt that this will encourage people to dump items, making the estate a mess. There are already gardens full of mattresses etc.


Park area – could small blossoming trees be planted to block out the fence view for the residents? It was agreed to see what the final park layout was before making any decisions.


Bus stops – it was felt that the bus stops in the village were not adequate, there was no seating or shelter. The sign outside the Methodist Church has been obscured by another signpost. This item will be raised at the next Broomwood Partnership meeting, as representatives from GMPTE attend these meetings.


The Healthy Living Survey, and the Planning for Real report are now on the website.


The next meeting is on 21st July


Flowers were then presented to Kath Warrington to give our best wishes for her on the occasion of her 80th Birthday, and to thank her for all the hard work she has done for the estate over the years.


The meeting was closed at 8.15 p.m.