Broomwood Community Association

Minutes of Public meeting held on 3rd November 2003


Residents in attendance

Sharon Gleave, Joe Statham, Joan Lloyd, Paul Huxley, Mark Cain, Trish Allen, Tina Huxley, Julie Warburton, Harold Winstanley, Eva Winstanley, Mrs Fletcher, Kath Warrington, Grant McKenzie,

Trudy Roberts, Denise Laver



Vincent Walsh Comm. Dev Worker, Mary Eastwood Friends of Brookes Drive, Marie Toboni TMBC,

Peta Stephens Maritime Housing, Councillor Bowker, Councillor Fishwick, Steve Hailes G-Force, R Jones, Jack Coutts IVHA, Councillor Brophy  



Debbie Gorman TMBC, Alan Bailey IVHA, Jo Goodier Broomwood Hotel, Mrs Daintree Resident, Annette Davidson Resident,


Item - minutes of the last meeting

Agreed as a correct by Julie Warburton and seconded by Tina Huxley


Item - Matters arising


Item - G-Force presentation on its plans for the Scout Hut

Steve Hailes did a 10 minute presentation on the proposed plans for the Scout Hut and asked for support in this endeavour as it would enable the G-Force Youth Club to address the demand for its services from the Young People of the Broomwood. It would also be made available to the wider community could be a wonderful extra asset. He also stated the offer from the Council to use the Youth Centre was not accepted because of limitations relating to access and the need for offices and issues around confidentiality.


This was followed by a half hour of lively discussion around the issues debating the merits and perceived conflicts with TMBC plans redevelop the Youth Club.

Councillor Bowker opened the debate by thanking Steve H for the presentation and by stating that he had been a Councillor for 27 years and had always been honest in his dealings and that he felt aggrieved about not being approached about the plans and knew nothing about them. He also decried the article about this issue in the Broomwoodvoice saying that he felt that it was political propaganda.

Paul H then reminded Councillor Bowker that the G-Force had approached him over 18 months ago and that he had declined to offer his support. The G-Forces next approach was a formal submission of a business plan to TMBC that was also rejected. This had then led G-Force to ask for a meeting with the local MP and the parents forming of an action group who are currently doing a petition that they want to present to Altrincham Area Board.

Grant M (part of the editorial team for the Broomwoodvoice) pointed out that the MP Graham Brady pictured in the article was the MP for all everyone.


Councillor Fishwick said that he felt that the plan should be resubmitted to the Council but he questioned whether everyone on the Broomwood does support the bid and that he felt that articles along the lines of the one in the Broomwoodvoice could cause damage. Denise L said she felt that the debate was getting heated and that people were being very rude to each other but Councillor Fishwick stated that he felt that even though the debate around this issue was robust it was held in a civil, respectful manner.


Item - Asbestos in houses

Marie T said that TMBC are to do pilot survey of 10% of the council properties on the Broomwood to investigate the extent of any problems (ref asbestos) in the next 3 months and would report back hopefully sometime around Feb. This was very well received by the meeting and Marie T was thanked for her work around this issue. It was also noted that this is an issue that can raise very serious concerns amongst residents but that current info indicates that this is not a problem and that this new survey is as an extra precaution.


Item Community Development Workers report

This was received with thanks. He also said that the groups funded by HAZ are being invited to a review meeting being held at Broomwood School to look at and celebrate what has been accomplished. This is being held on 26th November at the School starting at 6pm.


Item 800k NOF Funding

It was noted that the bid led by BCA (with the support of Broomwood Partnership) was progressing and that a decision is to be made by Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership in March 2004.


Item Broomwood Partnership minutes

These were not available but Paul H stated that the BCA had worked hard in helping bring about the new agreement for the working of the Partnership and that he felt it boded well for the future and that he was expecting some very positive things over the next coming months.


Item Developments around the Youth Centre

The consultation was noted and the Chair asked everyone to encourage as many residents to attend as possible as this issues around consultation was one that BCA had been pushing for some time.


Item Youth forum

The Youth Forum (supported by the BCA) was developing well with 13 Young People just having been away for a team building weekend. It went very well and reports will be given as to how it is developing at future meetings.


Item Developments around shops and medical centre

No definite news could be reported.


Item Area Housing Panel report

There have been no meetings of this panel since our last public meeting


Any other Business


Date of next meeting


Wednesday 3rd December starting at 6.30pm at Broomwood Primary School.

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