Broomwood Community Association

Public Meeting of 23rd August 2004 at 6:30 p.m.

Coniston Walk, Timperley WA15 7YE

In attendance 

Maxine D - Paul H Tina H Grant M Peta S Joe S Joan L Bill OH


  1. Apologies

            Sharon G Keith G Julie W


  1. Minute of last meeting

Accepted as a true record by Joe and Joan


  1. Meetings

Agreed to have public meetings quarterly with newsletters being issued the week before.

We were to investigate the possibly of having meetings at School at 9.15am, perhaps.   

Also we discussed the possibility of having a meeting with all the Councillors


Proposed Timetable

October (AGM) January April July


  1. Lack of consultation

            Disappointment at car parking on Greenfield Road with inadequate pavement on one side.

            No consultation possible petition about this? ask Julie


  1. Art Exhibition

Thanks given to everyone involved especially Peta and the Maritime staff who worked so hard in producing a successful event.

Comments were made as to whether this should be an annual event


  1. Broomwood Partnership

Question mark over this as it had not met for some time and we had had no indication of next meeting.

Awaiting further info  off TMBC


  1. Christmas Party

The date was noted as 12th December at Broomwood School.

Awaiting response from Co-op funding bid. Considered inviting our MP and Mayor.


  1. Planning applications

It was commented upon that we had sent out 200 leaflets to residents letting them have a copy of the actual planning documents and had had good feedback. It was agreed that the planning notification process was inadequate.


  1. Access

We talked of planning a wheelchair walk to shoe poor state of pavements and comments were made about the poor state of the repairs and renewals. To be investigated further at forthcoming meetings

Other access issues discussed


  1. Newsletter

Submitted a new bid for funding and awaiting a response

  1. TNP

Update given about new constitution , Fairshare bids, new areas, new elected steering committee.


  1. Website

New site up and running but we still have e-mail problems yet to be resolved.


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