BCA Public Meeting

26th April 2004




Paul Huxley – Renu Dougal – Abbey Dougal – Marie Toboni – Diane Hibbert – Joan Lloyd – Vincent Walsh – Joe Statham – Vera Statham – Tony Fishwick


Item one - Apologies

Jane Brophy – Ray Bowker – Sharon Gleave – Eva & Harold Winstanley – Tina Huxley


Item two – Minutes of the last meeting


Agreed as a true record by Renu Dougal and seconded by Joe Statham


Item Three – Matters arising



Item four – Broomwood Partnership


It was reported that at the last meeting the proposed plans for the development of inside of the Youth Centre were presented and accepted by the BP with two abstentions, those being Joe Statham and Grant McKenzie.

Concerns around the presentation of this plan have been raised by the BCA Mgnt team directly with the Council and these are being progressed. It is hoped that we will be able to reporting more detail on this at a future meeting.


Item five – Newsletter


Concern was raised about possible candidates from far right parties standing at the next election and being given space in the Broomwoodvoice, as we have stated that each candidate will be given an equal chance to enter an unedited article. Also, the fact that there are going to be at least 12 candidates for the three seats raised the problem of how much space in the newsletter each should be given. In the light of this new information it was decided that these issues will be discussed in more detail and a decision made by the BCA Mgnt team.


Item six – G. P Surgery update


No further news that that mentioned above


Item seven – Public transport issues


No further news that that mentioned above


Item eight – Area Housing Panel


Joe & Keith couldn’t go to the last meeting because of prior commitments. Marie Toboni reported that 4 out of the 10 minor works projects for the Broomwood had been passed with one other possibly being done if funding as available. They are: -

Security lighting at Ryefield – Extra parking on Hartford Gardens – Landscaping at Millom Court – with the fifth being ?


Item nine – Proposed Art Exhibition


This item was noted


Item Ten – Report by Community Development Worker


Vincent presented his report which was gratefully received; this can be seen on the website. As this was Vincent’s last visit he was thanked for all his input and effort into our community over the last eighteen months and wished a happy future in his new career.

Vincent again encouraged commitment by the community to the new Centre saying that it could be a great asset for Broomwood. Councillor Fishwick said that he agreed wholeheartedly with Vincent’s comments adding that the centre will be a big plus for the community.


Item eleven – Any other business



Item Twelve - Date of next meeting


To be confirmed