Broomwood Community Association

Meeting of 29th March 2004 at 6-30 pm at Broomwood Primary School



Tina Huxley – Bill O’Hara - Grant McKenzie – Eva Winstanley – Vera Statham – Keith Gleave – Joe Statham – Joan Lloyd – Renu Duggal – C Hudson – Tracy Owen – Trish Allan – Paul Huxley

 Agency representation

Dave Nunns (VCAT) – Simon South (TMBC) – Peta Stephens (Maritime) – Councillor R Bowker – Councillor Tony Fishwick – Councillor Jane Brophy - Alan Bailey (IVHA) – Vincent Walsh (VCAT)

1.     Apologies

Julie Warburton (Resident) – Diane Hibbert (Resident) – Marie Toboni (TMBC) – Lisa Michie (TMBC)


2.      Minutes of the last meeting

Agreed as a true record by Joe Statham and seconded by Bill O’Hara


3.      Matters arising

a.       It was noted that the Housing transfer decision would be announced this Friday 2nd April and a small discussion occurred around the pros and cons of the issues.


b.      Thanks were given to Marie Toboni (TMBC) for arranging dog warden patrols on the Estate after the problem of dog mess was highlighted to her at the last meeting.


c.       It was noted that the benches Joe had been pursuing were now in place


4.      Health Centre Update

a.       Joe Statham suggested a Dentist based in the Health Centre would be good.

b.      There was confusion as to the actual status of the Health Centre and what services would be provided, as well as its actual title: Health Centre or Doctors Surgery? 

         Councillor J Brophy agreed to write to the PCT to ask for clarification of this and also to find out about what services we can expect..  Councillor Brophy also agreed to mention the suggestion of a dentist.

c.       It is expected that the building work will start very soon and is expected to last over a year, the reason being that the cost would then be spread over two PCT fiscal years.

d.      It was also mentioned that the development of plans for the housing on the land immediately behind the new centre is progressing well. We understand that this includes plans to demolish the flats above the archway and the shops below, with the hairdressers hopefully moving into the old ‘Booze busters’ unit. No specific timetable has been mentioned for the start of this work but hopes are that this will be soon


5.      Update on the Youth Forum ‘Youthworks’ supported by BCA

It was noted that this group was developing well with the Forum just having won the Greater Manchester Police ‘Make a Difference’ award for the Trafford Area.


6.      Public transport issues

a.       Concern was expressed about the buses missing out the Broomwood in the evenings as they have been seen going along Shaftsbury Ave. It was agreed to bring this up at the next meeting of the Broomwood Partnership. The lack of low loading buses was also highlighted as a problem. Mrs. Duggal mentioned that she understood that over the next few years all Stagecoach buses are to be changed to low loaders. 


7.      Issues around the Youth Centre provision were then discussed.

The following issues were noted as being of concern:

a.       The lights not being on at the right times and the frustration experienced by the YP’s

b.      Complaints from neighbours about the lights being left on all night.

c.       The negative effect this was having on the behaviour of the YP’s around the Youth Centre at night: throwing things at passing vehicles, vandalism, etc.

d.      Concerns about the Youth Centre shutting regularly in the evenings when the YP’s are expecting it to be open.


Councillor Ray Bowker then spoke about the projected £330, 000 estimated cost for the redevelopment of Altrincham Youth Centre (to be discussed in more detail at the next meeting of Broomwood Partnership - to be held on 1st April 2004) and he hoped many of the above concerns as well as others held by the community would be addressed by this.

( BCA will keep you up to-date on this important topic at  )


8.      Altrincham Area Housing Panel

Joe Statham and Keith Gleave reported that the panel is currently discussing a new repair service that is expected to enhance the level of service to tenants. It was also mentioned that the representatives attending would be voting at the next meeting to decide the spending of the £44,000 Area Housing Panel controlled budget.


9.      Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership

It was noted that Broomwood had come third with its Fairshare bid with 100 points out of a possible 165.

The two areas that got the £400, 000 were Sale Moor with 111 points and Lostock with 101 points. Thanks were given to all the agencies that supported the BCA bid.

Paul Huxley said it should be noted that in the two years since BCA had started, we have developed immensely to the point where we can put such bids together, and that we this should pleased that we came so close. He also stated that the results of the survey done to support the bid could also be used to draw up other resources into our community. He also commented on the positive development between the agencies on the Estate.


10.  Report by the Community Development Worker

Vincent Walsh handed out his report (please see Reports Section) and commented that this would be his penultimate visit as his funding was running out. He also said that he felt very passionate about the Youth Centre and that it was time for the community to get behind its development as many other communities would give the right and / or left (?) arm for such a resource.


11.  Broomwood Partnership

The minutes of the last meeting were distributed and the following points noted

a.       Concern was expressed about the fact that no sub group meetings had been arranged since the last meeting. Dave Nunns explained that he hoped that dates would be decided upon at the next meeting on Thursday.

b.      Residents Bill O’Hara was interested in joining the Housing & Accessibility subgroup as he felt strongly about the poor state of pavements and general access issues on the Broomwood

c.       Mrs. Duggal mentioned the problems she was having around access issues and it was agreed that this be discussed in more detail at the next Mgnt meeting


12.  Any other business


The meeting closed at 8.15pm with the - Date of the next meeting being fixed for  -  26th April 2004.


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