Broomwood Community Association

Annual General Meeting

29th September 2003


Residents in attendance

Paul Huxley – Tina Huxley – Keith Gleave – Diane Hibberd – Sandra Gray -  Sheila Cook –Carrie-Anne Preston – Julie Warburton – Tony Dearn – Annette Davis – Jill Dearn – Karen Cooper – Sharon Gleave – Eva Winstanley – Grant McKenzie – Mark Cain – Mr Winstanley – Kath Warrington – Betty Fletcher – Joan Lloyd 

Local agencies and businesses

Peta Stephens (Maritime Housing Association) - Joe Goodyear (Broomwood Hotel) - Mary Eastwood (Friends of Brookes Drive) – Vincent Walsh (Community Development Worker) - PC Brady (GMP) 


Councillor Ray Bowker – Councillor Tony Fishwick – Marie Toboni – Debbie Gorman – Mike Corfield 

1. Apologies 

Sandra Waring (Resident)- Veta Gordan (IVHA) – Alan Bailey (IVHA) – Stewart Thelfall (TMBC) – Rasul Muniver (TMBC) – PC Gerrard (GMP) – Joe & Vera Statham (Residents) – Trish Allen (Resident)

2. Presentation by Mr Corfield of TMBC around Council House Stock Transfers 

Mr Corfield did a comprehensive presentation of the issues around the proposed stock transfer of all Trafford’s Council Houses to ‘Trafford Housing Trust’. This is the Councils preferred option after having considered all the original four options available. There are many opportunities being offered for further consultation and this will lead to a vote by all residents of TMBC either for or against the preferred option sometime in March/April 2004.

The Council will be sending a 60 page consultation document early in January to all tenants for them to consider the proposal and they are also able to do home visits to supply  further info if tenants require  . These can be arranged by ringing TMBC on 0800 328 4358 or for independent advise by TPAS on 0800 169 1814. 

3. Annual Report to Association by Chair 

This was presented as the Chairs report to

Broomwood Community Association AGM 29th September 2003

By Paul Huxley

 Positive Achievements 

Launch of ‘Broomwoodvoice’ newsletter from a grant from Trafford Life Long Learning of £1,000

Launch of ‘’ website through grant from Primary Care Trust £1,000

Successful in obtaining £4.800 grant from ‘Awards for All’ for a further years costs for expanding Broomwood Voice newsletter and training etc.

Success in obtaining grant for £7,000 to fund the costs around establishing a Youth Forum.

Representing the Residents in Broomwood Partnership

Getting BP to reassess Aims & Objectives in a new constitution

Getting more residential involvement in suggested constitution

Getting some BP minutes, not previously available, to our Public meetings for general discussion

Highlighting contractor’s responsibility for, and putting right of poor workmanship.

Working in close partnership with the School, VCAT, Community Development Worker, Health Worker, Broomwood Chemist, IVHA especially around developments at shops, Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership, G-Force Youth Club and Local Housing Officers and Wardens

Jubilee Party, a big thanks to  Joe Statham organised OAP's Xmas Party.

Arranging several innovative/various free educational opportunities for residents, computer courses and food hygiene.

Arranging various subsidised community trips i.e. Ikea, Southport, Pantomime, etc

Promoting local democracy by providing a page of articles in newsletter at the last election

The amount of local residential support for what we are doing. One of the largest groups around.

We have agreed the use of a minibus to support Broomwood Community via G-Force Youth Club

Matters which we are in the course of Addressing

Poor relationship with certain elements within T.M.B.C hindering faster progress

The real lack of proper community input in the development around the Youth Centre and park

Lack of proper consultation by T.M.B.C around development of services and Community needs ~ still not addressed

Continued lack of consultation in matters of Regeneration, Accessibility and in General.

The Future

We are working hard for an improved relationships with T.M.B.C, especially encouraged by the mediation (paid for by T.M.B.C)

We are currently looking for further grants to fund environmental work around our Estate.

We are also currently putting together a bid for a Community Bus for use by local groups with the possibility of ‘Ring & Ride’ option.

We are all the time encouraging T.M.B.C to consider more the needs and opinions of residents by pushing for better consultation about any decisions that may affect our Estate.

We are looking at more ways to promote local democracy and encourage people to use their votes

We are the lead organisation in a bid through Trafford Neigbourhood Partnership (supported by BP) for a share of £800,000. If won this money will be spent over 10 years.

Working with BP and Others to achieve the delivery of the priorities in Planning for Real and the Healthy Living Report Etc.  

The following comments were noted after the report was presented

1.                  Councillor Bowker stated that he tries to work with us and consult with everything that goes on.

2.                  Vincent commented positively about the arrival of a minibus on the Estate and asked how the Community could access it. He was told that this is still to be decided but plans are already agreed for it to be used to bring residents to the School Bingo and our own public meetings.  It was stated that it would be made available as much as possible for community use and this use would be justification for the funding bid for a brand new bus. 

4. Treasurers Report

This was well received but the money spent on ink was highlighted as being very high and Councillor Bowker expressed his concern.  This was explained as being an issue that we had already looked at but would revisit again. In response, the Chair said that we decided as a group that we do always try and provide the best for the residents of the Estate and that was displayed in the quality of our newsletter which goes to up to 1200 houses at least once every two months. 

It was stated that the accounts are still to be audited and it was hoped that this would happen before the next public meeting. 

5. Election of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary  & Treasurer

Paul Huxley was proposed as Chair by Sharon Gleave, seconded by Julie Warburton and elected unopposed

Sharon Gleave was proposed as Vice Chair by Julie Warburton and seconded by Carrie-Ann Preston and elected unopposed

Gratitude and thanks were expressed to Kath Warrington for her support during her time as Vice Chair

Sandra Waring was proposed as Secretary by Tina Huxley, seconded by Sharon Gleave and elected unopposed

Keith Gleave was proposed as Treasurer by Paul Huxley, seconded by Grant McKenzie and was elected unopposed 

The following were duly elected unopposed onto the Management Committee

Joan Lloyd -  Grant McKenzie - Trish Allan - Joe Statham - Julie Warburton - Kath Warrington 

The Management Committee was left open for anyone else who would like to consider getting involved. 

6. Minutes from last meeting

These were accepted as a true record barring one point, the fact that Vincent’s apology was not noted.

7. Matters arising

Beech tree on Greystoke Avenue - mentioned is being monitored by TMBC

Thanks were offered to Janette Pilkington and the Wardens for their input in getting the BT phone covers replaced quickly

It was requested by Cllr. Jane Brophy that the following points be noted

Item 8Broomwood Public House

 ‘The Village Ward Councillors are supportive towards the Broomwood Pub as long as it continues to provide a resource that is desired by the residents of the Broomwood Community’.

Item 11Poor footpaths and disabled access issues

Jane Brophy wrote to Mr. Ball, Head of traffic and Transportation on 23rd July about the problems experienced by people with disabilities accessing the shops on the Broomwood Estate. He replied on 3rd September.

He said he had arranged for the issue to be investigated and in particular the routes leading to the shops. He says, “Following the investigation I will place an order for a number of dropped kerbs to be introduced to alleviate the problem raised by the resident regarding access for his wife’s electric scooter”. 

This news was very well received and thanks offered to Councillor Jane Brophy. 

8. Formal membership

It was agreed that we would introduce a formal membership for the Association. The aim being that this would add stature to our Association and give us a database of people interested and contactable over issues. This would cost £1 and the members will receive minutes of meetings in the post prior to public meetings as well as agendas. Membership forms were passed out.

9. Rubbish removal

The new charge introduced for rubbish removal was discussed and it was felt that this had already added to the fly tipping problems and general litter instead of addressing it. It was agreed that a letter be sent to TMBC expressing our disappointment at this development and asking for the decision to be reconsidered. Councillor Bowker stated that he had already written himself to TMBC airing his concern about this issue.

10. Living space grant

This is a grant of up to £100,000 available to voluntary and community groups to apply for that is to address issues around run down parks, land poorly used and general environmental issues. The aim being that the money could bring about improvements for the general benefit of all. The Association is considering making an application and is interested in any areas for consideration that people feel need attention.

11. Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership – update 

An update was given about the £800,000 N.O.F. (New Opportunity Funding) funding opportunity.  As background the TMBC ‘Local Strategic Partnership’ have given the T.N.P (Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership) the decision as to which area be recommended for this grant. BCA (a member of TNP and the lead agency on the Broomwood for this issue) are being supported by the Broomwood Partnership, in producing the first stages of an audit of services currently available on the Estate as well as needs to be addressed. This audit, along with other info will be used as evidence to support our bid for this grant and a decision will be made in April as to where the money will go. 

12. Scout Hut leading to issues around consultation

The meeting was told that G-Force Youth Club has started a petition, with the support of a number of residents, asking TMBC to reconsider its decision and allow the G-Force to take over the Scout Hut so that it can be reopened as a resource for the club and community as a whole. An appeal for help and support was made to anybody who is interested. 

The discussion then opened up to wider issues around the level of consultation and the sale of land at Redbrook Road (waste land next to Brookes Drive) and Carrfield Road ( derelict flats). 

On consultation, Councillor Bowker stated that he felt that the level of consultation was acceptable and Grant McKenzie expressed the opposite view. The Chair then pointed out that this was the main cause of contention Between TMBC and the BCA and that we were hopeful, following David Acton’s response in the Broomwoodvoice to these concerns, that the matter could be moved forward. 

Councillor Bowker also stated that, using receipts from the sale of the two pieces of land mentioned above, he was expecting that the Youth Centre would be updated to a level where it could be used as a Community Centre. He also stated that no decision had been made in reference to the area where the Scout Hut and old park is located. These points were noted. 

13. Broomwood Partnership Report 

These minutes were not available for discussion but it was commented upon that at the last meeting no major issues were discussed.

14. Area Housing Panel meeting report

Debbie Gorman reported to the meeting about the reorganisation of the Housing Office and Neighbourhood management and that Broomwood was to get its own dedicated Officer (Marie Toboni).

Debbie agreed to forward the last six sets of minutes so that they could go on the website for all to see. BCA also agreed to supply names and addresses of residents who come to our meeting so that she could forward sets of minutes to them as well.

Debbie also agreed to arrange for Juliet Thompson (TMBC) to attend the next meeting to discuss the recycling issue 

15. OAP's Christmas party

Following on from last year successful party led by Joe Statham, Sharon Gleave said that she was progressing the idea of an OAP’s Christmas party this year, with the BCA Management team, and invited anyone else interested to get involved.

The main idea being that the residents who went on the ‘Health & Hygiene’ course, for last years Jubilee Party would actually make the meal this year.

16. Report on the benches from Briarfield Road

This item was be moved forward to the next agenda as no one was here from IVHA to comment

17. Ryefield Close Development

Marie Toboni reported that the work was progressing satisfactorily (£12k spent so far) and it was commented upon that the residents were very pleased with what was going on. It was raised that the gardens at the front of the Cottage flats could be considered for development in next years budget if people considered it a worthwhile project. We were encouraged to go on the minor works bus next time as this was our chance to air our views. An open day was planned when the park was finished. 

18. Asbestos in houses 

Marie Toboni requested that this item be moved forward to the next agenda so that she could invite a TMBC Officer with professional knowledge around this issue to speak. Marie was thanked and it was agreed by the meeting as the best way forward. 

19. Rights of ways issues

The merits of the post placed across the public footpath near Windsor Gardens was discussed and it was agreed that this was a difficult issue as this was initially put up to deal with the problem of motorcycles causing danger and damage to this area. This had had the effect of limiting disabled access to the area which is also of concern. Following the new law, still to be brought into operation, which would allow the Police to confiscate motorbikes, it was agreed to monitor the situation and revisit the issue in a few months. 

20. Any other business 

Vincent Walsh (Community Development Worker on Broomwood) presented his report and requested that he be included as a regular item of future agendas. Paul apologised for this omission, agreed that this could be done and thanked Vincent for his report. 

Vincent also invited anyone interested to a meeting on 11/10/03 at 10am at Youth Centre to discuss the use of the Community Gym. 

A discussion then occurred about the launch day for the new park and play area around the Youth Centre. It was mentioned by Sharon Gleave that she felt as if the buffet made the residents feel like second class citizens as they were not able to share in it. More than that, she was very upset at the way certain residents, (who assumed the buffet was for everyone, as it could clearly be seen through the open door) were ushered away from the buffet. 

Disappointment was also expressed as to how the only teams that played organised matches on the pitches built for the Broomwood Young People were from Sale West and Sale Moor. It was very noticeable that Broomwood Kids were not included even thought they had turned up in numbers and that it was commented upon how our Young People were excluded.

21. Date of next meeting

Monday 3rd November 2003 at 6.30 at Broomwood Primary School, Mainwood Road.

The meeting finished at approx 8.30pm

These BCA minutes were prepared for the web on 6th October 2003