Minutes of the Broomwood Community Association

Annual General Meeting

19th October 2004 


Residents in attendance

Paul Huxley – Keith Gleave – Sharon Gleave – Chris Fitzsimmons –Tina Huxley – Renu Duggal

Abhi Duggal – Bill O’Hara – Diane Hibberd – Joan Lloyd – Grant McKenzie – Vera Statham –

E Winstanley – H Winstanley – Joe Statham - Kath Warrington – Betty Fletcher


Other agencies represented

Mansar Iqbal (Youth Service) – Tony Fishwick (Councillor) – PC 19142 Brady –

Katy Hailes (G-Force)




  1. Apologies

Jane Brophy (Councillor) – Mark Burrows (Youth Centre Mgr) – Debbie Gorman (TMBC) – Marie Toboni (TMBC) –Graham Brady (MP) – Jacqueline Curtis (Trafford Primary Care Trust) – 


Police Issues discussed prior to remainder of agenda


PC Brady was thanked for his attendance and positive input  

  1. Annual report by Chair

This years highlights were listed as being

    1. The further development of the Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership into a fully constituted body
    2. The Fairshare bid led by BCA and involving agencies from the Broomwood Partnership
    3. The www.broomwoodvoice.com website
    4. The Broomwoodvoice newsletter
    5. A number of community trips
    6. Sourcing various free IT Courses for residents both on & off the Estate
    7. Use of a minibus for community usage
    8. The Christmas party
    9. The Art Exhibition

The Chair went on to say that he felt this year was a year of consolidation with some disappointments but many successes. He then went on to thank everyone involved especially Grant for his sterling work with our community website, Keith for his excellent work editing and producing the newsletter, Sharon, Tina, Joe, Joan and Renu for the wonderful support for all we do and their enthusiasm to do good for their community. 

Dates were then given for the next three quarterly public meetings. They are 17th Jan 2005, 18th April 2005 and 11th July 2005. 

  1. Report by Secretary

No report 

  1. Report by Treasurer

The accounts were presented and accepted by the meeting as a true and accurate record, They were then signed by the Chair and Treasurer 

  1. Election of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary & Treasurer

These were

Chair– Paul Huxley nominated by Sharon Gleave and seconded by Joe Statham

Vice Chair – Sharon Gleave nominated by Tina Huxley and seconded by Joe Statham.

Treasurer - Keith Gleave nominated by Tina and seconded by Joan

Secretary – Grant McKenzie nominated by Paul and seconded by Tina 

All four were accepted by the meeting unanimously. It was agreed to consider fixed terms at the next meeting to encourage greater participation. 

  1. Minutes of the last AGM

These were accepted by the meeting unanimously 

  1. Minutes of the last public meeting

These were accepted by the meeting unanimously 

  1. Any matters arising


  1. Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership

This had already commented upon in Chairs report. It was noted that the membership had now been opened to the 9 recognised areas of deprivation from the initial six. 

  1.  Community facilities & Health Centre

Current info. indicated that the Doctors surgery could possibly be started in Nov/Dec along with the demolition of the flats over the service road and the old post office, the new house/flat buildings, new parking and disability access issues at the shops. Thanks were expressed to Tony Fishwick and Grant McKenzie for raising the profile of the disability issues around the shops.

It was mentioned at this point that the Health Visitors were planning to take a wheelchair around the Estate to highlight problems around access. 

  1. Church Hall Sale?

It was noted that the most current information was that expressed in the Broomwoodvoice 

  1. Altrincham Youth Centre development

A long discussion ensued with concern being expressed by all parties about delays in the proposed development, current increase in damage and graffiti, cost of continuous repairs, low usage, problems with a certain YP’s with a lack of responsibility for their actions and what was being done about it. Mansar from TYS said that proactive action was being actively pursued in an attempt to challenge this behaviour and that in other areas with similar problems police prosecutions had been instigated. It was generally agreed that this was refreshing and positive and should be supported. Mansar offered to write an article for the Broomwoodvoice. 

  1. Broomwood Partnership report

Grant commented that the subgroups were now getting established and that it was hoped that they would produce good results. 

  1. Area Housing Panel report

Joe and Keith reported that they felt that the meetings were very useful and informative and that we should continue to support this panel. 

  1. OAP’s Christmas party

The party is on 12th December 12.30pm. Joe has put adverts in the shops and asked people to spread the word as we would like to get as many to attend as possible. IVHA are to be approached for support. The meeting will followed by a Carol Service with a presentation by the children of the Broomwood. 

  1. Rights of way and access4all

It was noted that this issue is on the agendas of the Housing & Environment subgroups on 16th November at the Youth Centre. This meeting is open to the general public and it hoped that progress would be made in this area. 

  1. Any other business


  1. Date of next meeting

17th January 2005


The meeting closed at approx 8pm