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        Eligible voters: 7,407                                                Eligible voters: 7,467

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Councillor Ray Bowker MBE


Some personal details:- 

·        Ray is a lifelong resident of Timperley and has lived in Village Ward for 35 years.

·        Married to Hazel with grown up children and grandchildren.

·        Chairman/director of an Engineering Design Company. With Technical qualifications MIEE and MIED

·        A Village Ward Councillor for 27 years.

·        Millennium Mayor of Trafford 1999/2000

·        Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Trafford Borough Council for 13 years

·        Has served on most of the Council Committees

·        Chairman of the Broomwood Primary School Governors for over 15 years.

·        Awarded an MBE in the Queen's New Year Honours List in 2002 for his service to the Timperley and Altrincham area.

·        Currently Chairman of the Broomwood Partnership.

·        Is a member of the Shadow Housing Board Trust. 


Ray has the experience and thorough knowledge of the Broomwood Estate.

He is currently involved in the refurbishment and development of the area and appreciates the peoples needs.

He has the interest of the whole community at heart including the youth and the elderly and promises continued commitment.

He has specialised in Housing matters hence the new connection with the Shadow Housing Board Trust.  

Ray hopes that you will support him again together with his two Councillor colleagues Jane Brophy and Tony Fishwick who together form an excellent team to work on your behalf. 

           Make it 1, 2 and 5


























We Win  =  You Win 



Jane Brophy is a local person who has lived in Timperley for over 15 years.  She is married to John, a computer specialist, with three primary aged school children, one who will be attending Altrincham College of Arts (Green Lane) in September. Her mother lives on the Broomwood Estate and is an active member of the community too. 

Jane has experienced five years as a Trafford Councillor representing Village Ward and has been active in the Liberal Democrats for 19 years. She is currently a member of the Health, Social Services and Children & Young people overview and scrutiny committees and the Broomwood Partnership.  

She is a former pupil at Sandilands Primary School, Brooklands and Chorlton High School, Manchester. As a graduate of Leeds University, who qualified as a Nutritionist, she works part-time in the NHS as a Food and Health Specialist at Oldham Primary Care Trust (PCT). 

Furthermore, she was active in the local National Childbirth Trust (NCT) when at home with young children and is now part of the Trafford-wide Special Educational Needs Parents Group as a parent member. She cares about families and the important issues for those raising children. 

She is passionate about health and environmental issues, particularly Brooks Drive and the Broomwood Wood. She knows how important it is to work with local people and listen to your point of view. 

She works hard for local residents, and with Liberal Democrat colleagues, Cllr Ray Bowker and Cllr Tony Fishwick, aims to keep Broomwood residents informed of all the issues that could make a difference to our quality of life. 

VILLAGE WARD                                                                           


Conservative Party Candidate, Kenneth Bullman, says: In this Election you have the opportunity to make a real difference by electing three Conservative Councillors to represent the residents of the Broomwood Estate, on Trafford Council.  

Due to years of mismanagement by the Labour Party {supported at all times by the Liberal Democrats) Trafford Council was designated as "WEAK" by the Audit Commission, in addition to receiving numerous reports criticising the delivery of council services. Yet we have still seen our Council Tax bills increase by a staggering 76% over the last 9 years.

A Conservative led council will work towards repairing Trafford's reputation and improve the quality of local services for all the people of Trafford by providing the best value for the taxes they have paid. 

Some of the key policies that Conservative Councillors support are:

   The provision of affordable housing provided by registered social housing agencies either for rent or purchase

   Maintaining excellence in education by providing maximum support to all of Trafford's schools.

   To work in partnership with the police to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

   An extensive but cost effective repair programme for our roads and pavements.

   A reduction in the level and extent of car parking charges in our Town Centres. 

Together we can make a difference. By keeping in touch with you and understanding the issues that are important to you, your Conservative Candidates will work towards improving the provision of Council Services in Trafford."


HALE BARNS                                                                                    


Dylan BUTT


Dylan Butt was brought up and educated in the North.

He is married with 2 children that attend local schools. His interest in serving the community comes from having served 12yrs in the Armed Forces and a further 10yrs in the Aerospace and Defence industry. As a School Governor he is involved with policy issues concerning school Curriculum, Personnel and Budgetary Finance.

Furthermore, he is a firm believer in actively supporting organisations concerned with our community’s social, educational and welfare issues, as well as improving the safety and security of our senior citizens by tackling the increased levels of crime.

He believes that facilities need to be developed with innovative ideas to improve the Recreational and Educational needs of our younger people, with the support of parents

He is privileged to have been selected as the conservative party candidate for the Hale Barns ward, and would like to be given the opportunity on your behalf, to make your vote count, for a more effective voice in Trafford Council -and to ensure that the standard of services you deserve, can be delivered.


VILLAGE WARD                                                                               


I am Clive Feingold, a retired Dentist, standing as a Conservative candidate for Village Ward in the forthcoming elections.

I qualified at Manchester University and initially worked in community health for both Oldham and Manchester School Dental Services. I them moved to Bury and finally set up my own practice in Royton near Oldham. During this time I served on the Oldham Local Dental Committee and for some time on the F.H.S.A committee.

For many years prior to retirement I worked with geriatric patients both in hospital and long term residential care.

I am married with 4 children and 4 grandchildren and retired about 6 years ago.

I have always worked as a fundraiser for charities and have attended, and still continue to attend courses in Languages, The Arts and Music as part of an ongoing interest in further education.

I have a touring caravan and have travelled extensively throughout The British Isles and Europe and when time allows enjoy a social game of Bridge.

I hope, if elected to make myself easily available to the residents of Village Ward and the Broomwood estate in particular, to discuss their needs and problems and hopefully be instrumental in improving their environment.

I am determined to help improve the standards of Council Services in Trafford and will make every effort to reduce the cost of parking and help to make our town centres the vibrant centres of commerce they once were.

Our roads and pavements are in need of a serious makeover. Maintenance has been seriously underfunded. I hope to be able to rectify this serious omission, within the constraints of a balanced budget.

Finally I am committed to maintaining and supporting our system of education, the standard of which has always been one of Trafford greatest strengths


Councillor Tony Fishwick 

I have lived in Timperley for 40 years and a Councillor for Village Ward for the last 2 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I am married to Pam with 2 grown up children and 3 grand children. 

I am Chairman of the Altrincham Festival which has an annual festival for all.

During the past two years I have been an active member of the Planning Control Committee on Trafford M.B.C. 

My role as Governor of Cloverlea Primary School is very enjoyable and gives me much pleasure to see the school improve in the community. 

My duties also include being a member of the Altrincham Area Board, and the Broomwood Partnership, which is where we can influence local issues in the community. 

I actively support the needs of Disabled people on all issues,  l am also a member of the Altrincham Town Centre Partnership, and with our regular surgeries in the Timperley Library I help people on their problems. 

I find the Good reasons to support the Liberal Democrats are: 

* We put people first.

* We protect the environment and open space.

* We support Trafford's high standards in education.

* We treat crime prevention as a priority.

* We did not vote for the war in Iraq.

* We oppose the unpopular unfair council tax.

* Our dog bins have proved very successful.

* We continue to push for better Highway maintenance.

* We value our Heritage, retaining Altrincham Town Hall for the community. 

I hope that you will support me again, together with my Councillor colleagues Ray Bowker and Jane Brophy who form a strong team to work on your behalf.



I have lived in Hale Barns for 20 years and been a pro-active Councillor for eight years.  I have never been afraid to stand up and be counted, putting the needs of the people I represent above those of party politics.  That is what local government should be all about – local communities and their needs   I previously served as an Independent Councillor but have now joined the Liberal Democrats because of their record in working for local communities. 

I have served as a Governor of local schools and I am an active supporter of Trafford’s Friends of Parks Groups - where I can be seen getting my hands dirty.

I have been a long time and high profile campaigner against the urbanisation of Hale including Davenport Green and many other major developments that threaten our quality of life. 

I have been a tenacious campaigner for many residents on numerous local issues and have a proven record of working for the benefit of the community.   That has often included helping people from Broomwood who approached me because of my record in assisting their friends and relatives elsewhere in the Borough 

I work for this community the whole year round, not just at election time, and not just in the Council’s ‘talking shop’ but on the ground, getting things done through Council Officers.  A vote for me will ensure continuity of a hard working and effective local Councillor for the next four years 

Barry Hepburn




I am a sitting Councillor on TMBC, representing Hale Ward. I have previously been deputy chairman of Altrincham Area Board, and am currently Conservative spokesman and Shadow Cabinet member for Adult and Children’s Social Services and Health Integration. 

Many members of the community in and around the Broomwood will remember that I stood as Conservative candidate for Village ward four years ago, during which time I campaigned vigorously on behalf of many local residents on a variety of issues, ranging from the campaign to save the scout hut, to the clearing of Brooks Drive. 

Since being elected to the Council I have been vociferous in my opposition to the wanton disposal of the Councils assets, the maladministration of Trafford, which has seen it being ranked as officially weak by the audit commission, and have represented literally hundreds of people in their efforts to obtain a decent and fair service from this Authority. 

As lead member for Social Services and Health, I take a particular interest in the provision of social care. The Conservative Group place will prioritise the needs of the vulnerable members of our community with innovative proposals for the care of the elderly, adults with learning disabilities, and looked after children. Importantly we will recognise the huge part that their carers play. 

I look forward to representing all members of the new Hale Barns Ward, and can promise them that under a Conservative administration we will bring a return to accountability for the Council, a clarity of thinking that has been missing for eight years and above all common sense policies implemented for the benefit of all the members of our community.

VILLAGE WARD                                                                           

David PATE 

I am David Pate, a Conservative Candidate, who stood as a candidate last year. I work as an Information Technology Consultant I am keen to work with the community in Village Ward to maintain and improve, where necessary, the standards of housing and education.

I will work in partnership with the police to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and I will consult with local Village Ward residents about policing issues.

If I am elected I will play my part in bringing clarity to Trafford's administration and its delivery of services.

I am totally committed to providing and supporting the excellence in education at all our Schools

I am keen to be in touch with as many of the electorate as possible and to understand the issues of importance to them. Especially, I would like to support the residents of the Broomwood Estate in areas where improvements in the environment are an issue. 



I feel very honoured to have been selected to fight Village Ward for Labour in the elections to Trafford Borough Council on June 10th.  At 22, I may be one of the youngest candidates seeking election, however I have grown up in the Ward and was educated at Heyes Lane Primary School and Altrincham Boys Grammar.  Having lived in the Village for almost 22 years I feel I know the area well, whilst being aware that there are plenty other events and community groups that I have not had the pleasure of getting involved with yet.

I am proud of Labour’s achievements in Trafford since 1995, including continued investment in our local schools, leisure and arts facilities alongside the Council’s commitment to putting people first. 

I will, if elected, do my very best to represent you and tackle issues within Village Ward and work with the Council in your interest. 

I hope you will give me your support on June 10th.



HALE BARNS                                                                               

Bernard SHARP

BERNARD SHARP has a long-standing association with the Broomwood area and community. For the last 40 years, he has practiced as a solicitor with offices in Timperley village, specialising in criminal, family and domestic law. Over the years he has assisted many members of the Community with legal and personal issues gaining detailed knowledge of problems affecting residents.  He was also member of the Timperley Village Association, and is aware of the strong community spirit within the Village and surrounding areas.

Having served as a Trafford Councillor for 13 years, he is now proud to join the new Hale Barns Ward.

As a former Chairman of the Environment & Leisure Committee, he has a special interest in the Environment, Sport and Cultural issues. Furthermore, he was the spokesperson on Trafford's licensing committee.

For 12 years, he served as Trafford's member on the Police Authority and chaired the Complaints & Discipline and Race diversity Panels. He was on the appointment panel that selected your last 3 Chief Constables. Consequently, policing and law and disorder are a large remit of his skills, and he has detailed knowledge of the problems in the Timperley area and matters requiring improvement. Individuals and their communities should feel that they and their possessions are safe and secure and be free from the very real "fear of crime".  The cost of the police service continues to rise, and despite numerous failed government initiatives, crime (especially violent crime) is still on the increase and citizens are not getting "what they pay for".   The Broomwood area is entitled to see a higher police profile, whether on foot, cars, bikes or horses.

Bernard is a governor of a Primary school and is willing to assist all residents of whatever political persuasion

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Some of the recent topics

Access to Shops and Facilities

Disabled access and access for mothers pushing prams and wheelchairs is not at all good on Broomwood where there are high kerbs, sharp corners, steep slopes, ramps and obstacles, disabled people are not enabled to be fully  autonomous and are forced to be dependent on others. Better planning and forethought may cure this. A clear pavement policy needs to be enforced.

If  typical Broomwood walking surfaces, pavements, kerbs and ramps were in factories or shops there  would be an outcry from Heath and Safety.

The £15 charge for removal of bulky rubbish is a cause for concern for health and safety reasons.

The list goes on a bit.

Topics like these are discussed at Meetings of Broomwood Community Association.


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