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Voluntary and Community groups in Lostock and Sale Moor are celebrating lottery success after being selected to receive a total of 818,000.

Under the FAIRSHARE programme the New Opportunities Fund is seeking to build capacity and sustainability in local communities across the country. FAIRSHARE is an initiative of the New Opportunities Fund (usually called NOF) and the Community Fund - these are 2 of the 5 lottery "distributors". FAIRSHARE aims to redress the imbalance in areas of the country that have not received their fair share of lottery funding.

FAIRSHARE will create a 10-year grant scheme in Trafford worth 818,000. The Community Foundation for Greater Manchester will administer the fund and make grants to local voluntary and community groups of between 5,000 and 250,000. The Community Foundation will establish an independent Trafford FAIRSHARE grants panel, made up of local stakeholders, to decide upon grant allocations.

Lostock has been described by local people as the "Forgotten Neighbourhood". Lostock has a strong local Partnership and members have identified a number of priorities that FAIRHARE will tackle including the lack of public meetings space and improvements to local green space. Lostock will employ a community development worker to take forward this initiative that will lay the foundations for regenerating the area.

The Beech Farm, Gratrix Lane, Hoylake Road and Lime Tree areas of Sale Moor will also benefit from FAIRSHARE. The Sale Moor Partnership identified priorities to provide activities for young people and to develop the capacity of local voluntary and community groups. FAIRSHARE will also be used to make improvements to local community buildings.

Proposals from community groups in Broomwood, Old Trafford, Partington and Sale West were also considered by the Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership before Lostock and Sale Moor were chosen. Ralph Rudden, Chair of the Partnership said; "It was a very tough decision to make, all 6 neighbourhoods deserved to be chosen because all 6 neighbourhoods need regenerating. We all wish Lostock and Sale Moor the best of luck over the next few years, we hope that FAIRSHARE makes a real difference in those neighbourhoods for the people who live there."

Voluntary and Community groups in all 6 neighbourhoods will continue to meet as the Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership; to share experience and good practice, to influence the council and other decision makers and to work with other bodies interested in improving conditions for people living within the neighbourhoods.

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