Broomwood Voice

15th April 2002 - Public Meeting Minutes
Broomwood Community Association

Minutes of
Meeting held at VCAT on
15th April 2002 at 6.30

Present:Joan Lloyd, Joe Statham, Joan Stevenson, Sharon Gleave, Paul Hixley, Tina Huxley, David Nunns and Colin Barson.

1. Apologies: Sandra Waring, Cath Warrington, Donna Lloyd and Paul Atkinson.

2. Strategic Aims for year 1. The committee discussed what the initial aims for the association should be.
a) to raise the profile of the organisation through communication, strategic partners and regular forums, to ensure the development of the area was notified to the community on a regular basis.
b) To work with partners to develop communication and more especially a newsletter.
c) To support the work of the jubilee party group.
d) Fundraising. This issue was felt to be a major effort for the group. The committee stated they would start the search for funding in line with aims as soon as possible. Tina Huxley/ Sharon Gleave and Joe Statham to be signaturies of the new bank account. A small start up grant would be applied for through TMBC.
e) Training. The new association would look at training and learning opportunities for the community and itself. CB suggested that the new group could apply to be part of VCATs voluntary sector training programme. Agreed to follow this up. Tina stated that training is taking place and funding would be looked for.
f) The committee agreed that a community base was required and this would be investigated through the next few months. The options would be looked at. All the committee would take responsibility for this.
g) Linking into strategic partnerships. The committee wished to form partnerships with other agencies. In the short term the association will work with the strategic planning group on Broomwood. Joe Statham and Joan Lloyd to attend the meetings.

3. Roles of the management committee. Dave Nunns completed a session on roles of management committees, the specific roles of chair, secretary and treasurer and information on working together. The association will work towards electing officers at the next meeting. The session included information and advice on charity registration.

4. Constitution: CB addressed the meeting on the need to refine the aims and objectives to develop these in line with charity commission requirements. The constitution and association are already formed. The association exists from the previous meeting. CB to circulate suggested amendments for the group to consider.

5. Date of next meeting – 13th May 2002 at 6.30. Venue to be notified.