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Broomwood Estate

 Hale Barns & Village Wards (TIMPERLEY)  Trafford UK

Timperley is located on the outskirts of Altrincham, a large Market Town in North Eastern - Cheshire, within the administrative local authority area of Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council (TMBC).   Trafford is an important constituent part of the large Greater Manchester conurbation adjoining the Shire County of Cheshire,     part of the Northwest Region of England. UK ~ GB.

Broomwood is presently classed as an economically deprived area by the EEC.

Hale Barns and Village Ward - Trafford is represented by three Councillors in each ward.

The location of Broomwood WA15 is close to Baguley; Brooklands; Davenport Green; Grove Park; Hale; Hale Barns; Roundthorn; Timperley and Wythenshawe - Manchester.


At the heart of Village Ward is Broomwood Estate, it was built mainly by Wates, to spacious Parker Morris construction standards in the early 1950's and later on by Willan's in the 1960's. There are some very attractive new homes to the South and East of Brooks Drive. Though there has been a recent tendency for the Council to sell off publicly owned and vital Recreational and School assets to cater for the current housing boom; The rapidly increasing population of Broomwood needs much improved local facilities; these are now very long overdue.

BROOMWOOD is the area which is bounded by Thorley Lane, Shaftesbury Avenue and Fairywell Brook and it is traversed by Aimson Road East, Briarsfield Road, Brooks Drive, Greystoke Road, Mainwood Road, Redbrook Road and Ridgeway Road

In general visitors will find that almost all TMBC adopted footpaths, sidewalks and most road surfaces are presently in a poor condition indeed, due to current lack of planned maintenance  

In general as with most Disabled Access within this area of Trafford, it is still so pitifully poor and inadequate that it has resulted in adverse health and safety issues arising for residents and visiting pedestrians.

During early 2007 some dropped kerbs along Mainwood Road and close to Brooks Drive were installed by TMBC -  More needs to be done to improve walking conditions for pedestrians and many who use wheelchairs etc.

There are as yet no good cycle routes through the Broomwood Estate though Broomwood Partnership an offshoot of Altrincham Area Board -TMBC has a long standing policy priority in respect of this.  It is a quoted policy of the Unitary Development Plan for South Trafford to make many improvements in this regard.

Mainwood Road; located along its length, was Broomwood Pub (Now demolished) to make way for an impressive new care home;  Broomwood Primary School;  Children's' Play Areas; (Phoenix Scout Hall - In March 2004 Trafford Council demolished this facility even though a PETITION of over 800 names had asked for it to remain) ; The Park which adjoined the Scout Hut is now being renewed:   145 (Altrincham & Hale) Air Training Corps  and  Altrincham Youth Centre has become  transformed into a new facility -  we hope that we may have details for you soon.

These vital community resources are all concentrated along a 300 metre stretch of Mainwood Road

Mainwood Road currently has an over provision of  expensive rutted and dangerous road speed bumps that adversely affect the suspension of most black hire cabs and the smaller Arriva buses which ply Broomwood Estate.  (Speed Cameras may have been a much better investment) Watch out for your comfort if you suffer spinal problems etc.  Often cars park on top or very close to the road bumps and/or riad junctions to cause obstructions to traffic along this busy route.  

Disabled access to the above areas are very poor indeed, the footpaths being obstructed badly holed, rutted and/or not sufficiently maintained at all.  During early 2007 some dropped kerbs along Mainwood Road were installed by TMBC - Many more are now required.

Briarsfield Road,  ( SHOPS )  Ronnies Food Shop, SPAR Grocery Store & Post Office, [McBrides Hardware & Garden Shop (now closed down and empty)] , Broomwood Pharmacy and 
the new GP's Surgery / The Lakes Medical Centre
on Mainwood Road

You may find car parking nearby rather difficult because Irwell Valley Housing Association  built some twelve very attractive bungalows (intended mainly for disabled people) opposite the shops.  However they are on the site of the former TMBC public car park. The trouble was that people using wheelchairs could not access the shops unaided because the ramp installed there was too steep and dangerous to use, the slope being much greater than 1 in 12, if wheelchair users managed to scale the ramp or traverse the many broken sections of footpath they could not get into the shops easily the doorsteps were too high to mount - poor planning has caused this fiasco - more careful thought would have avoided this situation.  Happily The access ramp has now been replaced and the doorsteps removed, BCA are glad to report that there is now much better access here.

Residents requiring cards for their electricity card meters experience difficulty in obtaining such cards on Broomwood and some may have to travel as far as Civic Centre - Wythenshawe, the nearest points for some types of card are Timperley Village, shops near Hare & Hounds public house and/or Sale. BCA positively hope that this will improve.

GMP Police installed a CCTV  surveillance camera which is located on the corner opposite Briarfield Road Shops next to two BT Telephone Boxes its performance is now controlled and monitored by TMBC.   

Returning to Mainwood Road the Broomwood Pub had provides most of the social focus in the area. (Though the removal of its Bowling Green has been a sad loss.) The Pub has now been demolished,
delays in planning had been frustrating regeneration of the site and causing an area of blight.

Public Transport through Broomwood along Mainwood Road is by way of the frequent No.11  Stagecoach bus service, linking Altrincham, (But NOT Timperley Shopping Centre to Wythenshawe Hospital and Stockport via. Gatley and Cheadle during the day. (Note that this service currently ceases to run at about 8-00 pm., though Broomwood Community Association with others, have requested that the operators extend this service)  As of 13th May 2007 the route will alter to avoid Timperley and new late evening services will not serve Greystoke Avenue or Mainwood Road (where customer passengers live) !!! ??   New Lo Loading Easy Access Buses will run but were stated to have reduced maneuverability ?

The 266 and 267 Arriva bus routes link Altrincham to Sale, Ashton-on-Mersey, (Partington ?) via. Baguley, Brooklands and Sale Moor.  Some of these services are being reformed and re-routed

ARRIVA 266 bus service that ran during evenings to serve Altrincham and Sale via. Broomwood was cancelled.

The 20 Arriva bus routes link Altrincham but this has been reformed and rerouted so many times passengers are no longer certain where they will end up - Please check routes and times carefully !!!


When you need to use these buses, please do check the timetable(s) and routes very carefully because some routes and timings do vary quite considerably at different times of the day etc.  

Disabled Access to some if not all 266 & 267 buses is often poor to unavailable 
though Arriva do have some very fine, state of the art, low loading buses - which can accommodate prams, wheelchairs and shopping trolleys 

(According to the Healthy Living Report - 49% of residents of Broomwood do not yet have any access to a car or a van.)

BCA are very positive in hoping that this aspect of the generally good and improving bus services will include the use of low loading buses on these routes.

BCA are pleased to relate that more lo loading buses are being provided and that some Bus Stops are being made more accessible -  A lot more must be done yet.


BROOKS DRIVE  just a stroll from Brooklands to Butcher Lane.

Brooks Drive (A.K.A. Brookes Drive) was constructed by Samuel Brooks the innovative Victorian Industrialist, it is conjectured that he may have had commercial and financial interests in  the former Austro-Hungarian Empire; He may also have had close trading and other links with  Slavonia; He was known to have been a Manchester Banker and a co-founder of Brookes and Cunliffe Bank now a part of Lloyds TSB Plc. (You can still see the former Brookes and Cunliffe Bank Branch  at Broadheath (This very attractive, listed,  Lutyen's Style building is located next to Altrincham Bridge opposite Halfords.) 

Samuel Brookes constructed Brookes Drive during the 1850's to form a route to carry goods by horse drawn wagons from Brooklands Rail Station (now used by passengers of Altrincham to Manchester - Metrolink tram system) to serve his interests in the Hale Barns area. (Manchester & Liverpool Railway was financed via. his banking and organisational interests.)        

In the early years of flying, before RADAR; Aviators often used Brookes Drive as a landmark reference for navigational purposes when flying over Manchester, in very poor/low visibility conditions etc. they would reference Timperley Parish Church spire under their port [left] wing and follow landmarks such as  Brookes Drive  observing references such as Bridgewater Canal and the various railway tracks, depending upon the destination selected.  

Recently during 2000-2001 Brooks Drive was extensively restored through the constant efforts of the Friends of Brookes Drive and their able team, led by The late Reg Temple to whom is dedicated the limestone memorial and natural timber bench, located on Brookes Drive itself, situated close to Dee Avenue and Mainwood Road .  Close to the route to Wythenshawe marked green on the 2003 O/S Sheet.

Brookes Drive forms a most attractive tree lined way for all nature lovers and those needing to recouperate from the over stresses of modern urban life. 

Brooklands Roundabout 

(Altrincham Road / Brooklands Road / Shaftesbury Avenue)

Signs display as BROOKS DRIVE  leading from Brooklands Roundabout (Though shown originally on many maps as Hale Road, Baguley,  M23.) (which is conveniently adjacent to the bus stops on Altrincham Road served by buses including Nos.11 &  371 )

Lamentably, Disabled Access along Brooks Drive is often unacceptably poor and in some parts is either recently blocked or for no good reason impassable.   During early 2007 some dropped kerbs along have been installed by TMBC and this is slowly being improved when funding allows.

After crossing over the cattle grid and railway bridge spanning a rail line that runs from Skelton Junction towards Stockport (Close to the now, sadly, demolished railway station,  closed during a major downsizing of public rail transport by Dr. Beeching in the 1960's - possibly soon to be re-established by GMPTE, Net-Rail and Metrolink as an interchange for various modes of local and sub regional transport.)

You soon arrive at a set of gates,  plus a kissing gate near to Brunstead Close / Kentmere & Amberwood Drive, continuing  along Brooks Drive towards Redbrook Road you will pass Capesthorne Road (On arriving at Redbrook Road you may make a return to Altrincham Road, Baguley) by turning left along Redbrook Road in an Easterly direction passing the end of Capesthorne Road.

Near to and just beyond the former TMBC Housing Office (on your Right was No. 6 Redbrook Road as TMBC/Irwell Valley H. A., Broomwood Housing Office  Tel : 0161 904 7063  THT are now located at BROOMWOOD CENTRE. 

You will soon see a public footpath to the left, that eventually leads to a wooden bridge over Fairywell Brook at Kensworth Close (Baguley), continue easterly onto Shady Lane, over the railway by Butcher Lane Bridge and onto the Butcher Lane Estate, there is a small shopping parade, the busy Jolly Butcher Pub which is opposite several useful convenience shops, (this is not very far from Altrincham Road leading in an Easterly direction to a Total Petrol Station  and a Retail Park with major retailers including Brunswick, JJB Sports, Matalan, Wickes  etc. opposite  Tesco Extra Baguley a store with its own Tesco Petrol Station.)   


If you continue South, up from Kentmere Road  and along Brookes Drive passing over Dee Avenue, where you may turn left, (The route is clearly marked in green on the 2003 issue of the Ordnance Survey map) East to rejoin Redbrook Road;  Turn right and progress in an Easterly direction, passing by the Civil Defence and Airport Assembly Ground to your right and on past the end of Bowness Road ( leading to Coniston Walk - Maritime Housing Association)  Continue along Redbrook Road until it bears left, continue ahead to Windsor Gardens - Gates.

You need to pass through the tall, heavy, industrial style, galvanised steel, through a narrow space between the gates onto the narrow public footpath and onward over the very narrow foot bridge that spans Fairywell Brook.  (During 1940's up to 1960's this area of land was still being used by hospital staff to provide recreation to those patients recovering from TB. and heart problems, with the current rising incidence of TB (See the TB Report in our Reports section) in the region and nationally TMBC / Manchester / NHS Trust might again require ready access for such patients and for the use of Disabled people of Broomwood & Wythenshawe for whom the route should be kept open and well maintained in any event, especially in view of any possible Civil Defence / Civil Contingency Committee and Airport security requirements. Continue along this presently badly maintained, neglected and overgrown stretch of footpath that leads onto Caldey Road; You are now in Wythenshawe - Manchester and in the Roundthorn area of Baguley - Close to WYTHENSHAWE HOSPITAL and Southmoor Road. 

Here you may turn Right / South to continue up towards Wythenshawe Hospital which is adjacent to Roundthorn Industrial Estate: -  The Bus Station / Interchange here is a useful place to access a wide range of Bus Services too. It is hoped that this vital route will very soon be brought up to a satisfactory condition, with linking cycleways, Manchester City Council and Trafford M. B. C. and to some extent the Countryside Agency have responsibilities towards these vital and strategic public rights of way, lately they have signally failed to address issues of  Disabled Access to and from  Wythenshawe Hospital with an A&E Unit and the large Outpatients Department there. Soon a Metrolink station will be accessible.


To the West is Mainwood Road - are the new Irwell Valley & TMBC funded Five a Side pitches at Altrincham Youth Centre (located at the corner of Mainwood Road and Greystoke Avenue.)

Continuing South from Dee Avenue and up along Brooks Drive you will pass soon reach Ridgeway Road, after crossing Ridgeway Road a little distance further on to your right;  South Field and the Stockport County Football Club - The Sharks training ground.

You are now entering Hale - HALE BARNS.

(To your left to the East lies an obstructed and partially maintained public footpath that leads towards Floats Road, Baguley Wythenshawe, This is an important recreational and vital strategic emergency route to Wythenshawe Hospital. Though most if not all the land is publicly maintained, being mainly owned by TMBC, sadly yet again, Disabled Access has been blocked by a low iron bar and a rusting gate etc.   THIS ROUTE SHOULD NOT BE OBSTRUCTED.


At Dobinetts Lane you are close to the new recreational park, it is hoped that some access will be available from Brookes Drive at this location.



From Dobinetts Lane and on traversing Whitecarr Lane the route combines with a road highway, "Roaring Gates Lane". This is Davenport Green   (In the TMBC Unitary Development Plan (UDP) earmarked for possible development, during the next two, six to twelve years,  for use for Prestige Offices and as a high grade Industrial Estate, due to its close proximity to Manchester Airport.)   Vast development is going to take place here and it will be linked with Metrolink and provided with cycleways and attractive footpaths.

At Thorley Lane to the right, West, is the attractive and wealthy village of Hale Barns  and lying to the left, East is Manchester International Airport formerly known as Ringway  Airport.   

Continuing at Thorley Lane the route name reverts back to Brooks Drive, after skirting Davenport Green Wood there is a footpath that lies to the left, (South East) leading on to Hasty Lane close to M56 at Junction No 6,  nearby is the Airport Cargo Area, near to the hamlet of  Ringway (an ancient focal ritual node etc. which predates Roman times) from which the airport originally took its name, here you will also find the Romper Pub.)  

Continuing further and along Brookes Drive you will pass by some very attractive and substantial houses, there the drive, to your right, adjacent is Ringway Golf Course, soon you will reach Hale Road.   


You are now in Hale Barns (depending on the time of day, there are buses) and opposite close by is High Elm Road from here it is a gentle stroll along High Elm Road into Hale Barns on reaching Chapel Lane (buses ) turning right, North up along Tithebarn and left into towards Hale Barns Square - Shopping Area.   Nearby is the Bulls Head, Public House. and St. Ambrose Church and School.


Dear Reader,

Broomwood Community Association together with Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council; Councillors; Broomwood Partnership; VCAT; AWARDS for All; South Manchester; N. H. S. Primary Care Trust and  other Statutory Agencies; Funding Organisations  Etc.;  are all working very hard, together, to improve living conditions in Broomwood and to positively enable the proper improvement and rapid regeneration of this vital area 

You will have noted that there are very many attractive areas within and adjacent to all parts of Broomwood.

You may have been very disappointed to see that there are so many obstacles noted on these pages in red, If you wish to suggest specific any areas for improvement make sure you write directly to your Councillors and do please let BCA also know your views and suggestions too.

Broomwood Community Association and the writers do look forward to being in a position to update readers to let them know immediately as and when they are aware that  Disabled Access, Paths and Cycling Routes Etc., have been satisfactorily improved, recreated and that all modes of Transport have been made more readily available to Broomwood residents and visitors alike. 

(The writers will soon after receipt of confirmation of; the removal of  obstacles, improvements etc. make amendments to the webtext here, and / or in the printed Broomwood Voice Newsletter, to better reflect and inform regarding the reality of conditions on the ground etc.)

We do look forward to welcoming all newcomers and visitors to Broomwood Community Association Meetings and hope to learn of your views by E-mail too.

To receive free E-mail copies of Broomwood Voice in pdf. format:  

With all best wishes from:-

Broomwood Community Association: Management Team

Ps.  For topical feedback and/or information updating on obstacles or improvements etc., use the Subject line: BROOMWOOD IMPROVING.


Updated 8th January 2009