The Broomwood Pub


How it used to look before the extensive improvements currently being made by the new owners. 



May 2005 Extensive Work in Progress before Re-Opening

 Extensive work taking place prior to Re-Opening (20th May 2005)


A new Landlord for

Setting aside the moribund state of affairs at Altrincham Youth Centre and the Church Hall, all vital community facilities located on Mainwood Road, the current lack of a viable replacement for Phoenix Hall etc.

There is currently taking place some overdue, renewed and much more considerate regeneration of The Broomwood.

Mostly all Broomwood residents are delighted to see the pub open again and returning to something of its former glory, it was opened for business on Friday 20th May.

A major social focal point, a great meeting place where we may now drop in and enjoy a well kept pint or two, amongst good friends, guests, visitors and neighbours.





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