Hi, this is the Broomwood Inter Dec for juniors 

We meet once a week Broomwood Primary School on Mainwood Road and have fun learning about new skills and how we can; Turn something ordinary into something really special. 

Itís Broomwood's version of Chang that, and we work with our mumís or guardians, and fun is what its all about.  Hazel and Dave take the lesson and we nearly always go home with a project, every week. 


Hazel has entered 5 of us, who are painting, into the Timperley Village Fete and one of us has won a prize.

Itís really good as we believe that over 100 people had entered.  We have had a display in the village library over the summer holidays and have a display in the school too at this moment in time


Our parents have a go too and check that most of the paint goes where its intended and not on the uniforms or wall.

Hope you enjoy looking at our work we need good ideas all the time, so if you have some good ones let us know.

Contact Hazel or Dave for further details

Mobile: 07947779046