BROOMWOOD PARTNERSHIP  -  New Structures New Changes

In recent months members of BCA and local residents have been attending meetings of Broomwood Partnership (BP)- (linked to TMBC's - ALTRINCHAM AREA BOARD.)

BP is the result of Broomwood Community Planning Group which worked through out 2000 and early/mid 2002.  Set up over a year ago BP has performed a valuable role, as a meeting place for council officers, councillors, educational, housing, health service officials, representatives of Friends of Brookes Drive, ATC, GMP and other AGENCY OFFICERS, matched potentially by an equal number of residents. 

BP holds in its aims and objects -  the benefit and improvement of BROOMWOOD - BP has experienced a choppy ride, in that meetings are quite large and to an extent difficult, in that many parties have wide ranging criteria, interests and requirements.

BP now aims to refocus, to set itself clearer management targets.  To enable this process a BP sub-committee was formed, it is currently attended by two councillors, representatives from TMBC, VCAT, BCA and a local resident, It sits to look at and to discuss the existing constitution of BP, to aim to make recommendations back to BP  by writing a draft of a new BP constitution (tailored specially for BP) and shortly to be laid before a full meeting of BP. 

In sub committee deliberation it was agreed that: to make the most of BP management skills and resources BP members should form well defined focus groups (as has recently been very successful in the experience of the Sale Estates Partnership Group).

BCA are keen to see BP reinvent itself to better tackle some of the issues on Broomwood, one area the recent NHS funded Healthy Living Report had highlighted was the need for much better consultation by TMBC and residents etc. (reporting back prior to decisions being made by any officials.) The new structure should be planned with this factor in mind.

BCA were interested in several documents , kindly provided to the sub committee by Dave Nunns of VCAT, all showing the wide range of different formats and styles adopted in constitutions of other wards and estates in Trafford, it may be of interest to you to view (some good work  on the subject, produced by David Wilcox in 2000.)


It should be noted that BCA have been in an active positive relationship to BP and TMBC.

BCA think that it is important that all residents should receive the maximum amount of relevant information and feedback possible (In the world of email and web this should be achievable, we note that not all Broomwood residents or BCA members use computers yet or are like ourselves are only just beginning to get more used to them) BCA have requested that BP place all their (Non Confidential items) Minutes, Reports and Plans on to the internet for all residents and interested parties to view in detail.

BCA wish the new BP great success in its eventual (new) format and trust that all its Focus Groups (once established) will work well for our community.

Last updated 16.09.2003