Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership:

Thursday 17th July 2003:

Bath Crescent Old Trafford 6.30:


Caroline Allport   Addison Community House:   Paul Huxley Broomwood: Tina Huxley Broomwood:  Grant McKenzie Broomwood:   Dave Nunns  VCAT: Andy Roberts Sale Moor:   Peter Walroth   Partington Housing Association:        Monica Bannister Partington:  Ralph Rudden   Sale West:   Mary Strichland    Lostock:


Mark Bulger: Jan Howells: Tahira Khan Sindu: Munaver Rasul: Lorna Powell: Kath Warrington: Sharon Glees:Sean Ansee: Fred Varden:

1.   Introductions:

The chair commented that it was nice to see that there were representatives from all the six priority areas in Trafford.

2. Minutes of the last meeting:

Passed as a true and accurate copy by Paul and Ralph:

3. Matters arising:

Came from Dave Nunns to remind us that the trip to the six areas is on llth September 2003 if people wish to attend let Monica know as soon as possible. Paul will drive the Trafford Mini Bus. Paul has set up a bank account for the TNP.

4. News round up from the Neighbourhoods:

Sale West:

Ralph said that the IT suit has set up a homework club for 12 young people.

It's a Knock out open day is set for 27th August 2003 everyone is welcome but on a first come basis.



Monica gave a up date on the Healthy Living Centre that will be built on the old market site it will include a cafe, information Centre and health promoting activities for all Trafford to enjoy. Construction should start at the end of July and finish in April 2004.                                 


The Health Centre (or Primary Care Centre) will be built on the old council office site and will include doctors' surgeries, a dentist, a pharmacy, community nursing and other services. Construction work is due to start October 2003 and finishes in April 2004.                           


Sure Start Centre for 0-4 year olds and their families will be created by refurbishing and extending the Family Centre on Central Road. It will include day care and nursery places, Soft Play, a sensory room and activities and services for children construction is due to start in September 2003 with the first phase completed in spring 2004.


Mary said that they have got lift money to convert the library at Lostock they have had there first meeting with Trafford North Primary Care Trust. There are some teething problems around Lostock Community School that have got an amount of money to do up the school. They had done some work with young people but not a lot of consultation as been done with the community and there are issues around vandalism and who should put up a fence that separates the library from the school.

Old Trafford:                                                                                                                                                                 Caroline gave an update on Addison Crescent community house and the project for young people and the outreach worker is well under way. The person, who they have employed as a very good relationship with the young people, Sandra works well with them. At the moment she is waiting to hear from the Children's fund about The Open Lock Project and Trafford Barge's. Ralph commented on the price of taking the narrow boats out and said that they were dear at 750, but that they were excellent for young people to experience outdoor pursuits. Glen Reece as money that groups in Trafford can bid for young people's activities.

Tina asked why Trafford couldn't rent their rooms at a reduced rate to community groups? Dave said that they do that it cost's 8 to rent Trafford rooms but they only charge 2 to non profit groups and projects the other 6 is paid by the letting office.

Sale Moor                                

Community House:      Andy updated us on the developments of the house that is now open and doing well. He calls it his house because he over see's it and it is in his community but that without Colin and Dave's help and support from VCAT chasing funds for him over the last 18 months he doesn't know how he would have managed. Andy thinks that the community house should be free for the community to use, but because they have to pay gas and electric they need to charge for usage.

5. Letter from Fair Share Trust: 

A meeting at Park house with Karen Dainty Community Strategy and Partnership Officer: Colin Barson, VCAT manager: Met Dawson Regeneration Lottery: David Nunns, Trafford: Chris Anderson Head of Programs Fair Share Trust: Apologies from Ralph Rudden, Chair of TNP:

Refer to letter:

In short the Fair Share Trust had some concerns in relation to the Neighbourhood nomination to the Fair Share Trust Program. The fund are of the view that in order for the program to achieve significant change in the community over ten years there does need to be consideration to the size, both geographically and in terms of population of the area that the funding is targeted. They would rather we looked at a smaller area were people will know that it was the Fair Share program that made the difference. In a smaller area this would create a bigger impact.

6.  Fair Share:

LSP Board has given the TNP until October to put a plan of action together for the board. After lengthy discussions we decided that we need support with this and that Trafford need to give us some money to do this properly. We need to make sure this is community lead and that we don't let the agencies take over. VCAT is a voluntary organisation and will facilitate this. A date as been set for the next meeting. Lots of ideas were put forward like most people would like to look at all six areas getting the money. Another idea was put forward that we might ask all six areas to submit a proposal like we did for the pathfinders bid and then decide on the best one, if we go with the latter we need to put some kind of points system in place.

7.   There was no other business. The meeting finished at 9.00pm.

8.   The date of the next meeting is for Wednesday 30th July 2003 at 9.30 Park House.

Monica Bannister 36 Oak Road, Partington M31 4LF

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