Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership

FAIRSHARE meeting 19/03/04


13:00     Coffee and welcome

13:15     Colin Barson Manager @ VCAT to introduce and outline the afternoons proceedings

13:30     Feedback from each area as to how they have scored the other areas bids

14:00     Review and clarification

14:15     Opportunity to discuss results and final decision

15:00     What happens next

15:30     Finish

In attendance:

Ralph Rudden, Lizzie Cooper, Monica Bannister, Paul Huxley, Grant McKenzie, Dave Nunn, Andy Roberts, Margaret (Director Fairshare), Val Cribbins, Marsha White (impartial observer), Christine Aspinal, Sandra Barber, Sunny Haynes, Steve Liethwaite, Julie, Robert Norris(community Foundation), Kirsten Rushby, Colin Barson, Rose Thompson.


Ralph as Chair of the Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership spoke about the Trafford Fairshare process, reaffirming that this was an opportunity for those involved to have direct input into the decision making, that the process had been planned for the last nine months and those in attendance today have had the opportunity to shape today's proceedings. This process had been fair and open and members should score each area on the application only process you defined as the Neighbourhood Partnership (copies included or available on request from VCAT). Once the decision has been made as to which to areas will receive the money then the Community Foundation will be responsible for making the decisions as to how it will be spent.

Colin Barson gave a brief history to the Fairshare Trafford history; he spoke of the trust that had been placed on the individuals in the room to make this decision. Colin stated VCAT's role to facilitate the proceedings without judgement and be receptive to the requirements and perspectives of all in attendance. He went on to say how important it is to work in partnership and how this process had shown that we could. This process should also enable the four areas that would not be successful today the opportunity to be in a stronger position to apply for the next round of funding as they have already done some of the groundwork.

It was reiterated that all projects that are to be funded through Trafford Fairshare and proposed to the Community Foundation (who manage the distribution), should relate to the application and the vision set out. Colin then opened up the discussion.

Andy suggested that rather than each of the areas announce how they have scored the other five areas, that each area representative should give their scores to Dave and Colin in another room and if there are any glaring disparities in the way each of the areas have scored then independent observers should call the representatives from that area in privately to explain how they have come to that decision.

There was some discussion in the room to clarify the slight change in proceedings and it was agreed that to ensure that Margaret and Robert would be in attendance while each of the areas gave their score and if required justified the decisions that they'd made.

This process was agreed would be less divisive and just as effective.

Each area gave their scores in a separate room with Dave, Colin, Margaret and Robert in attendance.


Fairshare 19/03/2004

Broomwood LOSTOCK Old Trafford Partington Sale Estates SALE MOOR













Old Trafford 20 12   21 22 22
Partington 19 30 23  


Sale Estates 18 21 22 19  


Sale Moor 27 21 21 21


Totals 100 101 96 89



The scores go from left to right rather than top to bottom. 

There was a clear winner in Sale Moor. It was decided that the monies would be split between two areas. There was some discussion around how we should proceed with awarding the money to a second area, as there was only one point between Broomwood and Lostock. It was identified that there was a couple of discrepancies between marks awarded for these two areas. Robert pointed out that if you took away the discrepancies then Lostock would still have the second highest scores.

It was agreed after some discussion that it would be fairer if the two areas concerned left the room and that the rest of the neighbourhood partnership would discuss the applications and scores for Broomwood and Lostock.

A decision was made that they would stick with their decision and that it would be awarded to the two areas that scored the highest points. Lostock was to receive the monies.

Therefore, the Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership recommends that Sale Moor and Lostock are chosen to receive Fairshare funding, to carry forward the programmes / visions expressed in their proposal documents. Each neighbourhood should receive an equal share of the Fairshare fund.

Adapted for Web use by Grant McKenzie on 15th April 2004