Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership:

Thursday 19th June 2003:


Lorna Powell - Manchester and District Housing Association

David Nunns - VCAT

Monica Bannister - Partington and Carrington Development Trust

Ralph Rudden - Sale West Healthy Living Centre

Paul Huxley - Broomwood Community Association


Mark Bulger, Jan Howells, Sean Ansee, Tahira-Khan Sindu, Eileen McDonald and Cllr. Rasul

The meeting started at 6.00 and was held at Partington Housing Association,


1.   Ralph opened the meeting by welcoming everyone.

Minutes of Last meeting:

2.   Paul Huxley passed minutes of the last meeting as a true copy.

Matters Arising:

There were no matters arising.


Community Strategy Launch will take place at the George Carnell Leisure Centre at 12.30:

News round update:

3.   Broomwood:

Paul explained that there was some difficulties in getting funding from LNF and that it had been deferred.    


Much is happening in Partington in the sense that there is a lot of reconstruction of the Town Centre, the Development Trust, a new Health Centre, and a new Health Park.

The Regeneration Team, Development Trust and the community are still working out details and setting up structures so that we can all work in partnership towards a new and exciting future for the community. We are reviewing all our policies and procedures. Securing early leading roles so that the community have a voice and say in the development of Partington plus the new initiatives that our about to happen.

The new Development Manger Martin McNally with the support of the Development Trust is looking at developing existing community businesses by supporting them to seek funding. Martin will look at creating new local businesses and services.

Steve Braithwaite as approached Monica because Lostock have secured LIFT money towards developing the old library in Lostock. Partington had already secured LIFT money for a new health Park and Steve thought Partington might want to pass on good practice.

Fare share Money:

4.   Ralph gave an update on the fairshare money and suggested that it might be 6 months before this came via the communities.

A visit from NOF panel is scheduled for 3rd July 2003. It is expected to last about 3 hours and hopefully TNP will show why these pockets of deprivation and then understand why the request was made.

Visit to Six Areas:

5.   Lorna suggested that it might be of benefit to us all if we visited the six neighbourhoods. The date that was set was 11th September 2003 in the morning would be the date we could all attend.

Action for this from the following members:

Paul to contact Trafford about borrowing the bus and he will drive it. Monica to contact Roy Jolly.

Dave to contact Val Cribbins.

All members to contact their own areas about the visit.

The agenda for the visit will be set at the next meeting.

The meeting finished at 8.45

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