Voluntary and Community Action Trafford


Report to the Board:

9th October 2003


By: Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership 


This interim report will give an indication on the development to date on the issue of selecting a community to receive the Fairshare funding for Trafford. The original remit was granted to the Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership to select a community from the 6 identified priority areas. This remit has been accepted and the partnership has met on 3 occasions to discuss how to make an effective and evidenced decision on this funding for Trafford.

A further two meetings are planned in the short term with a decision in March 2004. 

Issues Raised:

The partnership have worked to ensure a fair and accessible system that will ensure all the priority communities have an equal chance of making a case for their area to be chosen. This has resulted in the partnership not being able to make a decision at this stage but have put in place a system for choosing the community early in 2004. This effectively means a year zero is being built into the programme to ensure the community identified by the partnership has the opportunity to generate a real impact based upon evidenced needs. The partnership has generated agreement to the following as important questions on selecting the priority community.

   WHO needs to be involved. This involves residents, statutory officers and a collation of data.

   WHAT information is required. The partnership need to clarify boundaries, analyse current activity in the community, analyse data of needs, clarify current and previous investment, judge what IMPACT the programme could make, Analyse under-representation of the community and generate plans to ensure holistic approach to development.

   WHEN Agree target, report to ISP board October 2003, agree date of choice March 2004.

   HOW Cascading to all is imperative, Consideration of year zero, Agree information available, Develop the strategy and share good practice. 

Development of Process:

The partnership have worked to ensure equality of opportunity by agreeing a process for the decision on the community. The decision will be based on up to date information and be clear and unambiguous. A grid of evidence has been agreed and circulated to all communities represented on the partnership. The next meeting will identify what further information/evidence that needs to be generated is required and where/how this can be collected. The information grids will be completed to ensure each community has evidence to meet the needs of:

        Identified neighbourhood

        Plans to build on existing community audit/development work

        Community Involvement

        Identifying common priorities

        Consideration of existing partnership structures

        Strategic linkages

        Area of deprivation. 


It is recommended to the LSP board that the remit given to the Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership has been exercised with due diligence. The partnership are undergoing a process that is fair and equitable in the given circumstances and should be allowed to continue to ensure a decision is made that allows an impact upon the community selected for Fairshare.

The Partnership ask the board to accept the following recommendations:

   The Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership continue to work to select a community for Fairshare investment by March 2004.

   The LSP to be informed by March 2004 of the selected community.

   The Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership continue to develop good relationships with statutory officers, Greater Manchester Community Foundation and the Fairshare project team.

   The Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership have access to Fairshare capital where applicable to employ a research/development worker to assist in developing/collecting data prior to the decision being made.

   The Trafford Neighbourhood Partnership will work with Regeneration on sharing of data. 

Dates of next meetings:

Wednesday 22nd October 2003 at Lostock Youth Club

Monday 13th October 2003 10am 2pm. Tour of 6 communities. 


Fairshare Objectives.

Notes for Information grid

Information grid for Fairshare Plan

Prepared for BCA 7th November 2003