MAY 2004

Message from the Scheme Manager

As usual, weíre rushed off our feet in the office, but weíve got lots of information to share with you in this newsletter.  I am currently trying to fulfil the Care Managerís role in addition to my usual responsibilities.  This is difficult at times but it does mean Iíve been able to enjoy getting out and about and visiting many of you.  Iíve spoken to lots of people who are so grateful for our help, so thank you for your lovely comments. If you would like me to feature any of your ideas or letters in our August edition, please let us know.

Best wishes,

Sue Martin



We staged our 10th Anniversary Dinner and Disco at Lancashire County Cricket Club on Saturday 27th March 2004

We were joined by Wilf McGuinness as our Master of Ceremonies and by Paul Goggins our patron.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we raised a grand total of £1826.

Thank you to everyone who attended, bought raffle tickets, or who donated prizes.




We are hoping to be able to set up a monthly social event to support adults with Leaming Disabilities and enable their Carers to get a break.

This would entail monthly get-togethers to enjoy the cinema, bowling etc. 

We hope to have more details soon.



After a long wait, Trafford MBC have now appointed a new Carers Services Manager Martin Patient.

Martin may be familiar to some of you in Trafford as he worked locally for many years an MENCAP before enjoying many diverse projects as an advisor.

Martin is keen to work closely with Trafford Crossroads to continue to develop respite breaks for Carers and is meeting with our Management Committee shortly.



Carers Week runs from 14- 20 June this year and the focus is on the health of the Carer.

Research  tells its that Carers put their own health is a very low priority

whilst they focus on their caring  responsibilities.

Trafford Crossroads are contributing to the Sale Healthy Living Festival on Thursday, 17 June from 12 - 6 pm al Sale West Playing fields and we would love to see you there..

There will be a variety of stalls and activities to access.

We have also secured funding to provide hours in June and July 2001 to stay with someone whilst their rarer enjoys a health activity.

This could be swimming, walking, cycling, keep-fit  or any other physical activity.

Please phone the office for more details Tel 905 1986.

Annual questionnaire

It is that time of year again when all our service users will see the annual questionnaire dropping through their letter boxes The responses we receive on these are very valuable as they aid us when planning future developments and highlight areas where we need to improve.   Remember, you can remain anonymous if you wish:


BEST WISHES We all send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Vicky Matthews, Care Manager, who is recuperating at home following recent surgery. Hope to see you back at work soon Vicky.



THANK YOU  - We would like to thank the Carers who have completed the feedback sheet from National Care Standards, in readiness for our inspection at the end of this month. We will feed back their findings in our next Newsletter.




Hello ::  


We give a warm welcome to



Julie Hardern


Jackie Green


Ruth Butler


Carol Kirkman


as they start their new careers with us at Trafford Crossroads.



The Community Probation Service arranged a series of car

 washing sessions for us earlier in the year and raised a fantastic

 £117         -    Thanks guys.