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About Us

The main aim of Trafford Crossroads is to provide a high quality respite service for carers who have to care, without pay, for a loved one.

Two features of the Crossroads - Caring for Carers service makes them unique. Firstly, the Carer Support Workers work flexible hours so that they can provide help at times when it is most needed and secondly, they copy as closely as possible, within current guidelines, the routine of caring given by the relative or friend they temporarily replace. With additional training from professional sources, our Carer Support Workers are able to carry out nursing type tasks to enhance their support.

We have supported carers of people with physical disability, sensory impairment and frailty in their own homes since our inception in 1994. Trafford Crossroads is a Registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee. We are affiliated to the National Association of Crossroads Schemes. The scheme has a Board of Trustees made up of people who volunteer their time and expertise to assist the professional staff manage Trafford Crossroads.

Trafford Crossroads is funded largely by Social Services, and we have also received funding from the Community Fund, the Mayoral Millennium Appeal, Kellogg's and other local businesses.

Carers needs

Carers are disadvantaged in society because of the demands on their time from the person for whom they care. Often their inability to work or go out because of their caring role means they are financially and socially disadvantaged. Inevitably, due to their caring responsibilities, their own health is ignored. Eventually, stress, exhaustion and physical illness of the carer may lead to family breakdown.

Trafford Crossroads aims to be pro-active in its approach to carers needs. We want to prevent deterioration in family life. We acknowledge the rights of carers to be able to "take time out" to be themselves.

We offer them the freedom to spend their quality time to do whatever they choose, safe in the knowledge that their friend or relative is with a trained and experienced member of our staff.

Crossroads endeavours to provide continuity and stability in their service by keeping the same Carer Support Worker as far as this is possible. Feedback highlights that carers and those with care needs appreciate the increase in trust and the bond that this forms. We carry out re-assessments of our service and of the client's needs every 6 months and at times of change.                         


  The Background

The findings of the Community Health Profile identified that 60% of the residents living on the Broomwood Estate exercised only occasionally or never. When asked what could be done to improve their health, 19% responded by stating that exercise would be a key factor with swimming and walking being the most popular methods of exercise.

With the support of the Trafford South Primary Care Trust, the local community has made some very positive progress to improve its physical health.

Following a fantastic launch in May 2003, the Health Walks Programme has proved to be particularly successful. The gym facilities at the Broomwood Youth Centre are also well attended.

Identifying a need

21% of the respondents of the Community Health Profile are carers, although their needs have never been specifically addressed.

Trafford Crossroads have identified residents of the Broomwood Estate who would like to improve their lifestyle by participating on the monthly walks, utilising the gym or by visiting the nearby swimming baths, but are unable to do so due to their caring responsibilities for a loved one.

We have identified these people by:

Holding meetings with Ruth Speight and Sue Long, Health Visitors whose responsibilities encompass  theBroomwood Estate,   

Joining in on the walks programme and talking to the local residents.

Liaising with key personnel from the various Housing Associations on the Broomwood Estate.

Meeting with Vincent Walsh, Community Development Worker for the Broomwood Estate and Jo Bryan, Manager of  Trafford Carers Centre.

Providing a Service

Our project will provide a trained Carer Support Worker to care for the person with the disability/illness whilst their carer accesses either the health walk, the gym or a swimming session.

Our commitment to quality

We provide a quality service by recruiting and training staff using our Equal Opportunities policy. All our staff receive a full induction package when they commence their employment with Crossroads. This includes training about First Aid, Moving & Handling, Health & Safety, Confidentiality, Medications and other organisational procedures. We encourage all our staff to complete their Level 2 NVQ in Care. Training is updated annually and we carry out quarterly staff supervisions and Annual Appraisals.

We have a comprehensive range of policies and procedures in place. We were recently successful in our renewal of our Investors in People status and have achieved all the standards expected by the National Crossroads Quality Control Audit.

Monitoring of care provided

For each of our clients a Care Plan is devised mutually between the service user, the carer and the Care Manager. The assessments have a holistic approach and take into account physical, emotional and social needs.

All our service users and carers are made aware of, and given a copy of, our organisation's literature, 24-hour contact details and the complaints procedure. We produce a quarterly newsletter and actively encourage feedback, comments and new ideas from our clients.

Annually, we compile a quality questionnaire for those we support. The feedback from this enables us to measure our success and highlights areas for address.

Trafford Crossroads works within a multi-disciplinary framework, believing that we are all aiming to realise the same caring roles. We have built up excellent relationships with the Community Nurses, Carers' Centre and other charitable organisations. Their contribution and feedback on our anticipated service will be highly valuable.



After a successful launch, the monthly Health Walks Programme from Broomwood Youth Centre, Mainwood Road, Timperley is going from  strength to strength, with people of all ages discovering the benefits of gentle exercise and companionship.

If you are a carer though, it may have been impossible for you to take part  in the past, as you have been unable to leave the person you care for at home alone.

We can help! Trafford Crossroads is able to provide a Carer Support Worker to stay at home with the person you care for whilst you join in the walk  programme.

There is NO charge to you for either the care or the walk.

Telephone;     Trafford Crossroads on 0161 905 1986

Or - Vincent Walsh, Community Development Officer on   0161 980 0696   

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