28 April 2003

by Vincent Walsh, community development worker

Telephone 0161 980 0696 (Youth Centre),

Mobile 07729 875687


1. Update on the Healthy Living Project

I have written to all the grant recipients to review their progress. I will assist each group to complete their evaluation and monitoring form. After five months less than half of the total £10,000 grant has been spent. The money will not be lost but we need to spend it as effectively as possible in promoting the objective of healthier living for more residents. 

2. The Youth Centre Gym – more adults please

Adult interest in the gym is growing steadily. For a four week trial it will open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 10 to 12 noon. Instructor Gina Jones is available. Users will be asked to pay a fee of £1.50 per session. If the community shows sustained interest opening times could expand. . Otherwise it could be lost…….  

3. Healthy Walks  - Broomwood leads the way

On Friday 16 May Graham Brady MP will launch the first in a series of Health Walks. Broomwood has been chosen as the pilot for a project that could roll out across Trafford Borough. This is a collaboration between myself and health visitors Ruth Speight and

Sue Long. We hope to bring a national training course for Volunteer Walk Leaders to Broomwood so the project can be run by local people.  We have liased with Trafford

Parks Officer Ian Trickett,. Naturalist Lindsey Howard and the Friends of Brooks Drive. 

4. Bikes –  tools not toys

Nationally the decline in cycling is mirrored by the rise in childhood obesity.  A bike is a cheap means of transport and can promote health and fitness.

Broomwood is flat and provided with traffic calming. I am working with the organisation Bike Right and Ann Wood to equip her pupils with the confidence and skills to cycle more. This includes formal training for the Y5 class plus an After School Bike Club. Parents and other adults can consolidate this work by encouraging more cycling at home.

Open that shed, dust down your bike and join us………. 

5. Broomwood Youth (and Community?) Centre

Trafford Council is spending much money on the Youth Centre: new electrics, alarms, ventilation, roof, and windows. TMBC clearly believe the building has a future – does the Community? Now the uncertainty over the Scout Hut appears to have ended I recommend the Community Association gets involved in the planning and future management of any proposed Community Centre extension.

This fits neatly with clause 2 of the Community Association’s Constitutional Objects:

2 b) establish or secure the establishment of a Community Resource Centre and to maintain and manage the same in furtherance of these objects (the benefit of the inhabitants of Broomwood Estate).” 

In the nearer future there will be scope for the Community Association to have an input in the management of the Five a Side Pitches when they are opened in late July. 

Sunshine Café – a community café model for Broomwood ?

Sale West has launched Sunshine Café

open weekdays 11 00 – 15 00 hours  (hot food 12 00 – 14 00 hours)

Pop across to Sale West and grab a healthy lunch.