27 April 2004

by Community Development Worker


In November 2002 I arrived in Broomwood on crutches, I leave on Thursday on my bike – for Lostock. Here are some final thoughts……………………


1 Broomwood Community Association

My VCAT colleagues Dave Nunns and Colin Barson assisted in the birth of Broomwood Community Association. Three years on the BCA appears to be thriving with monthly meetings, newsletter, website, healthy bank balance and a fine record of attracting funding


2 Broomwood Voice……loud but clear?

The newsletter has expanded to eight colour pages.  How do you do it – and without advertising? Many community associations would like to know!


3. These boots are made for walking

The next health walk is Wednesday 5 May, then fortnightly through the summer        (Wednesday, 11 am @ Youth Centre). Diane Hibberd is contact person (980 0545) for the 2004 Programme.

Ruth Speight will continue to be supportive of our local walk leaders: Diane, Kath Warrington, Graham Stringer and Mike Rose


4 Live Long, Feel the Vitality of Chinese Physical Culture

Tai Chi continues on Tuesday evenings (5 – 6 pm) at the Youth Centre. Tutor Clive is so impressed with the enthusiasm of the class he is willing to continue even though the subsidy has run out (charges only £2 per session). Ann Wood has kindly offered the class a temporary home while the Youth Centre is refurbished.


Personal Achievements


Personal Disappointments


A Way Forward for Broomwood

The Primary School where you meet offers much but cannot do everything. The estate needs a vibrant centre for community activity. That must be the Youth Centre. The saga of the Scout Hut is over. There is a bitter aftertaste but all must move on. I will propose to the Broomwood Partnership that community representatives have a key role in the management of the new centre. In time (2/3 years) I believe the community could take over the building if there is such a desire.


Living in Broomwood - Reasons for being cheerful


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