by Vincent Walsh, community development worker

Telephone 0161 980 0696 (Youth Centre),

Mobile 07729 875687


Apologies for my absence from your meeting as I am on leave this week. 

1. Update on Healthy Living Project

After four months less than half of the total £10,000 grant has been spent. I am reviewing the project and will be writing to each of the grant recipients to assess their progress. Before Easter I will invite them all to a meeting to discuss a way forward. The money will not be lost but we need to spend it as effectively as possible in promoting the objectives of healthier living for more residents. 

·        Broomwood Spotlights

I will reopen negotiations with Ann Wood about some cost-sharing options in purchasing a lighting rig to enable the school to open up for community drama and performance. 

·        Community Directory

A website designer has been hired to set up the site and train some community webmasters and mistresses (?). 

·        Cook and Taste

Launch appears to have been delayed until after Easter. We were investigating a crèche to extend access and opportunity for potential chefs. 

·        Blaze

Now have headsets. Planning performance at Easter. Seeking a workshop facilitator. 

·        First Steps Mother and Toddler Group

Achieved fame with a front-page photo in The Messenger. Granted £500 by Altrincham Area Board. Sue Pullman and the parents are exploring training opportunities, adopting a constitution and opening a bank account. This is the way forward if they are to attract further funding. Ann Wood and School are very supportive. 

·        Dreamscheme

Following an Adventure Weekend at Edale Youth Hostel  for young people other grant-supported local sporting activities are planned. 

·        Community Café

Kath Warrington and the Over 50s remain frustrated.  The snack bar has a new carpet but awaits decision on re-development/investment in the youth centre.  

·        Fitness Club

Youth Centre users have been inducting in using gym equipment. They have purchased  mats, team strips and football training aids.  

·        Bingo Club

The Club has requested that the grant support a summer trip for their loyal supporters. After consultation with Julie I invited all the older Xmas diners to the Bingo Club. 

·        Young Women’s Project

A programme of aerobics, drama, self-defence and aromatherapy starts in April.

2. No Smoking Day 2003 on 12 March

This was a collaboration between myself, Ruth Speight and Mark Burrows. We involved the Y5 Class at the School and the Over 50s Club. There was much on offer not just to discourage smoking but also to promote healthier choices including the gym and fresh fruit Smoothies. Sadly the attendance from the community was poor.  GP Dr Peter Fink did call in - he is keen to refer his patients to the gym. 

3. The Youth Centre Gym

Interest in the gym is growing steadily. Until Easter it will open on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 10 to 12 noon. Instructor Gina Jones is available. Users will be asked to pay a fee of £1.50 per session. We are exploring opening on Saturday mornings but there are issues about access and key holders to overcome. We will succeed if the community shows sustained interest in this valuable resource on our doorstep. Use it or lose it….

If you are interested in any aspect of the gym phone Gina: 07866 345555 

4. On Your Feet

Ruth and I hope to organise a series of walks on the last Wednesday of each month.

Our first will be on Brooks Drive on Wednesday 30 April

We have liased with Parks Officer Ian Trickett,. Naturalist Lindsey Howard and Mary Eastwood. There is potential to involve other Park Friends Groups in Trafford. 

5. On Your Bike

Locally and nationally we are obsessed with cars and car parking. It was the main topic in discussion of the new health centre – nobody had considered bike parking!

Greater Manchester is flat, Broomwood is small and provided with traffic calming measures.  I am working with the organisation Bike Right and Ann Wood to equip her pupils with the confidence and skills to cycle more. We want to involve parents and other adults. Open that shed, dust down your bike and join us………. 

6. Could Altrincham Youth Centre  become transformed into

Broomwood Youth and Community Centre.?

On 7 February I organised a visit to Sale West Youth and Community Centres to meet their community leaders.– Kath Warrington was in our group. Since then there has been much activity at our Youth Centre. A succession of men and women with clipboards was followed by electricians and now JCBs.  The roofing contractors are due next week.  Clearly the Council is spending money on the building. . More investment should follow when the Council release funds from the sale of three pockets of land on Broomwood. Now the uncertainty over the Scout Hut is ended I recommend the Community Association get involved in the planning and future management of the Community Centre extension unveiled at the Partnership meeting on 11 March.

There will also be scope for the Community Association to have an input in the management of the Five a Side Pitches when they are opened in (late June?). 

7. Summer Thoughts…………

Broomwood has a float in the Altrincham Festival on 3 July.

It needs a community volunteer to co-ordinate. Has this been sorted?


8. Payzone at Spar

I spoke to managers Sandra and Alan. The Post Office Head Office does not allow their shared Spars to offer Payzone facilities. We need to pursue the matter with 

Spar Regional Manager Samantha Worsley (01925 706666).