Report to BROOMWOOD COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION                      

29 March 2004

by Community Development Worker


1 Youth Centre opens on a weekend……………..strange but true!

On 27 March Broomwood hosted Health Walk Leader Training – a collaboration between VCAT, TMBC Parks Department, Salford and Trafford Health Promotion and Trafford PCT. 19 people attended from all over Trafford – and Salford. Kath Warrington and Graham Stringer were local representatives. Broomwood attracted positive publicity for pioneering Health Walks in Trafford.


2. Health Walks more often…….

Next walk is Wednesday 21 April then fortnightly through the summer.  Worth noting that the official guidelines are for five 30-minute periods of exercise each week - but every little helps. Diane Hibberd has offered to be contact person for the 2004 Programme. Ruth (and Sue Burden) will continue to be supportive of our local walk leaders: Diane, Kath, Graham Stringer and Mike Rose


3 Live Long, Feel the Vitality of Chinese Physical Culture

Tai Chi is available on Tuesday evenings (5 – 6 pm) at the Youth Centre. Tutor Clive is so impressed with the enthusiasm of the class he is willing to continue even when the Healthy Living subsidy runs out at Easter. Students have agreed to sign up for the benefits of International Taoist Society membership and therefore only pay £2 per session. Ann Wood has kindly offered the Tai Chi class a temporary home while the Youth Centre is refurbished.


4 Saturday Vibes – well not quite…….

Sadly the Drama workshop for 6 – 14 year olds combined with gym for adults failed to attract much interest despite the efforts of local parents. Drama tutor Teresa East from Yellow Jelly Theatre is willing to try again when the Centre is reborn.


5          Broomwood Fruit and Veg Market withers but…………..

The Friday market has ended as it was not popular enough to be sustainable (most people prefer to drive to Tesco!!) On the positive side mobile greengrocer Martin Davies will continue to visit Coniston Walk on Thursdays between 1 30 and 2 pm. Martin is asking Millom Court if he can park up there after Coniston Walk.


6 No Smoking Day 2004 – Wednesday 10 March

Health Visitor Ruth Speight and I set up a gazebo at the Primary School on NSD. Generated a lot of interest from pupils and parents. All tested their carbon monoxide levels and attempted to guess the number of fag ends in the jar. Correct answer: 395. Nick Berry (a smoker) was nearest at 390. He was rewarded with a hamper of fruit and veg. Ruth was able to take 7 referrals from smokers seeking advice on how to give up. Fire Brigade sent a tender to highlight the dangers of smoking and domestic fires. Thanks to Ann Wood and  BPS for loan of their lawn.


7 Fairshare

Broomwood was unlucky to lose by one point in the competition for a Fairshare grant of £400,000 over 10 years. Sale Moor and Lostock won. Commiserations to the Community Association who were gracious in defeat.


8 Is there life (for me) after Broomwood?

Still not sure………….

No funding fairy godmother has appeared but I will continue to serve Broomwood until the end of April. I expect to make my farewell appearance at the BCA on 26 April 2004. I will produce a final report for VCAT, the Partnership and the Community Association.


Vincent Walsh, community development worker

tel 0161 980 0696 (Youth Centre), Mobile 07729 875687

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