3 November 2003

by Vincent Walsh - Community Development Worker 

1.    Broomwood leads the way in Trafford Health Walks

The official season of seven walks ended on 22 October. Due to popular demand the

Primary Care Trust has funded transport for an extra walk in Sale Water Park on

Wednesday 12 November. If interested give me your name. 

On Thursday 4 December the Youth Centre will host Health Walk Leader Training for volunteers from throughout the Borough, Kath Warrington and Mary Eastwood have signed up as trainees anyone else like to join them? 

2.   Broomwood Pitches and Play Area

It is a joy to see so many young people using the new facilities (which remain unlocked and accessible at all times) with little sign of damage. We still await bins and bike racks. 

3.    Broomwood Fruit and Veg Market

The market continues at the Youth Centre on Friday afternoons. The fresh produce is supplied by Ash House Farm. The ordering is currently done by me, our health visitors and Peta Stephens (Maritime Housing). Most weeks we just cover our costs. The 5 A Day banner was funded by the Primary Care Trust. We will review the project at Christmas it needs volunteers to be sustainable. Offers of assistance welcome training provided. 

4.   Healthier Eating

The Health Action Zone is funding a Food for Life Course. The ten-week course continues on Wednesdays 10 12 noon at the Youth Centre. Last week we had a guest speaker, Rob Squires from the Bentley Bulk Food Project in Hulme. He has links with Glebelands Market Garden in Sale to supply organic produce to regular weekly customers. Rob hopes to expand the scheme to involve other parts of Greater Manchester. In the New Year there could be an opportunity for Broomwood people to access a home delivery service of fruit and veg at a reasonable price. When his plans are clearer Rob would like to share his ideas with a meeting of the Community Association. 

5.   A Toddler Gym for Broomwood

Tiny Tots application to the Local Network Fund to buy equipment to create a Toddler

Gym was successful. This Gym will be one of only four in the whole of Trafford. Wendy

Diamond from Community Learning will train parents in the effective use of the Gym. It will

be launched at the Primary School on Friday 14 November. Come along and celebrate. 

6.   The Youth Centre Gym

During the experimental five-month opening period ending in July, 25 people used the

gym. I facilitated a meeting of gym users on 11 October to investigate re-opening the gym.

We examined various options:

   Form a gym users group

   Lobby the Council to waive/reduce their hire fee

   Seek clarification of the instructor issue

   Apply for funding to pay for the gym

1 will summarise the discussions and circulate a report to gym users. Councillor Jane Brophy is very supportive of the campaign.

7.   A Community Centre for Broomwood

Although I do not work for the Council my office base is at the Youth Centre. I know the place is unloved and unused by many Broomwood people. I am aware there is a history of alienation between council staff and community groups. Could this change? Over the summer I have witnessed great investment by TMBC in the building new roof, windows, electrics and alarm systems. Now the Council is willing to redesign the inside to make it more versatile and attractive to a range of users. Some members of the community clearly want to focus their energies, efforts and fund-raising on the Scout Hut. Others may desire to develop the youth centre as a vibrant community resource for all ages. 

Public consultation on future of Broomwood Youth & Community Centre

Thursday 6 November: 7 9pm @ Broomwood Primary School

Monday 10 November: 1 6 30pm @ Broomwood Youth Centre


I urge everyone who wants to realise the great potential of the youth centre to become a community centre to participate in these consultations - and get involved in any future management committee. Trafford Council has the cash, now show them the community has the commitment. 

8.    Healthy Living One Year On:

Looking Back, Looking Forward on Wednesday 26 November @ Broomwood Primary School

On 14 November 2002 the Broomwood Healthy Living project was launched at the Primary School. Many of you participated. It has been my role to support those who were awarded grants on that night. It is time to celebrate and evaluate progress.

I have invited all the 11 groups who received grants to the Review on 26 November


9.    Broomwood Festival 2004   Saturday 17 July??????

Autumn has arrived but let us look ahead to next year. Is there scope, space, and energy for a celebration of Broomwood next summer? Such an event could complement existing events Altrincham Carnival, Timperley Country Fare, the Primary School Fete     

Vincent Walsh, community development worker

tel 0161 980 0696 (Youth Centre), Mobile 07729 875687

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