29 September 2003

by Community Development Worker

1.    Broomwood Health Walks in their stride.

The sixth walk took place on Wednesday 24 September.

We explored Broomwood Wood and were introduced to the resident fairies by Mary Eastwood.

The Chair of Trafford South Primary Care Trust, Professor Norma Raynes joined us.

The Broomwood Walks continue to generate much interest – Trafford General Hospital Physio Department believe they could benefit their patients recovering from cardiac illness/surgery. The Youth Centre gym could also have a role in Cardiac rehabilitation.

In the autumn Broomwood intends to host Health Walk Leader training for volunteers from throughout the Borough.

Our next walk will be on Wednesday 22 October  @ 11 am from the Youth Centre. Due to popular demand the PCT has funded transport for an extra walk in Sale Water Park on 12 November. If interested give me your name. 

2. Summer in Broomwood

The G Force young people must be congratulated for their efforts to smarten up the estate - in sun and rain - from litter picking around the Youth Centre to excavating concrete(?!)

I mistakenly invited them into the coffee bar and the toilets.

Later I learnt that all Trafford Youth Centres are closed in the second half of August and are unavailable to the public.

I understand this blanket closure is under review. 

3. Official Launch of Broomwood Pitches and Play Area 23 September

I worked with Janette Pilkington, the Youth Service and Tina & Paul Huxley to organise this important celebration.

The Mayor declared the Pitches open, improvising a bottle of champagne and a ribbon.

After a shower of rain a rainbow appeared over Broomwood – a good omen? 

We still await bins and bike racks.

There will be open access at all times to both pitches.

4.  Broomwood Fruit and Veg Market

Launched on 18 July at the Youth Centre if offers easier access to affordable quality fruit and veg on Friday afternoons.

The new 5 A Day banner attracts passing parents at the end of the school day. 

The fresh produce is supplied by Ash House Farm.

The ordering is currently done by me, our health visitors and Peta Stephens (Maritime Housing). We are looking for volunteers to take over. Are there any local gardeners or allotmenters who want to sell their surplus produce?

Where are the nearest allotments? Sometimes an allotment can be difficult for one person or even one couple to manage on their own. Is their interest in sharing one?

5. Healthier Eating

The Health Action Zone is funding a Food for Life Course.

The ten-week course starts this Wednesday 10 – 12 noon at the Youth Centre. It is facilitated by Monica Bannister who is well known for her work at the School. All are welcome. There is no charge. 

6. First Steps develops into Tiny Tots

The group has been rebranded and newly constituted as Broomwood Tiny Tots.

I have supported .the parents’ application to the Local Network Fund for a grant to buy a Toddler Gym.

The outcome will be known tomorrow (Tuesday 30 September).

Wendy Diamond from Community Learning will train parents in the effective use of the Gym in the autumn. 

7. Broomwood Voice

I note the Community Association has won a Lottery Awards For All grant which guarantees the medium term future of the Voice.

I welcome its expansion to four pages and am happy to contribute copy and pictures.

In the longer term the Voice needs to attract advertising to be sustainable.

8. The Youth Centre Gym

The funding to open the gym ended in July after a five-month experiment. During that period 25 people used the gym.

It could reopen if there is enough active support.


All interested come to the Youth Centre on Saturday 11 October at 10 am for a brief meeting.

I will provide drinks and fresh fruit. 

9. A Community Centre for Broomwood?

I am not a Council employee but have an office base at the Youth Centre. Over the summer I have witnessed great investment by TMBC in the building – new roof, windows, electrics and alarm systems.  What next? No one seems to know. I believe the Centre could have an expanded role as a Youth and Community Centre. This will involve further investment on re-configuring the inside plus negotiations with existing and potential users: Youth Service, Education Service, Over 50s Club, Boxing Club, G Force…….  I will support community efforts to realise the potential of this valuable, underused public building. 

10. Healthy Living…………. one year on

On 14 November 2002 the Broomwood Healthy Living project was launched at the Primary School. Many of you participated. It has been my role to support those who were awarded grants on that night. It is time to celebrate and evaluate progress.

I intend to invite all grantees to a Review event in November (? Thursday 13 November) subject to the availability of the School. I will circulate details when confirmed 

 11. Broomwood Festival 2004?

Autumn has arrived but let us look ahead to next year. Is their scope, space, and energy for a celebration of Broomwood next summer? Such an event could complement existing events – Altrincham Carnival, Timperley Country Fare, the Primary School Fete………..

Vincent Walsh, community development worker

telephone: 0161 980 0696 (Youth Centre), Mobile 07729 875687

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